Sunday, August 2, 2015

Collin O’Mara is The Eddie Haskell of Green Energy

I knew I recognized Collin O’Mara the Delaware Cabinet Secretary who hid the scores of tons of solid waste with sulfur in the Bloomdoggle.  I kept on thinking I have seen his face before.  Then it hit me this guy is the Eddie Haskell of Green Energy

Just look at the pictures!! 

O’Mara is now the CEO of the National Wildlife Federation.  All the Beavers in the wilderness are in for a hard time.

Mr. Wallace is the Chairman of the National Wildlife Federation and he is big chums with Eddie.  Sadly we cannot leave it  to the beavers to protect themselves.   The NWF needs new leadership that does not hide solid waste with sulfur that end up being treated in an EPA licensed facility.  O'Mara is on record that sulfides are terrible chemicals.  He made a speech to that effect in Northern Minnesota.  
Check out this video of the modern day Eddie Haskell.

The actor who played Eddie Haskell was Ken Osmond.  Maybe Mr. Osmond has a son who can play a role in the upcoming movie The Bloomdoggle - Celsius 1960.  Leave it to Beaver ran from 1957 to 1963 and the mean of those years is 1960.  This is no coincidence!!!  


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