Friday, August 28, 2015

Three Who Bankrupted America

I posted this on twitter today.  "This photo shows three who bankrupted America. Wagoner did GM, Khosla did Kior and Range and Obama the whole country"

This photo was taken early in Oh Bummer's presidency when the two other operatives listen intently to him lecturing.  Wagoner resigned as CEO of GM pretty soon thereafter at Obama's request.

Khosla went on to become the biggest loser in the "green" space.  Khosla continued the charade by hosting Oh Bummer to a fund raising dinner with his whole family present as well as his two big dogs.

Khosla and his cronies are now being sued for FRAUD by the state of Mississippi over the Kior greenwashed failure.

As For Oh Bummer he is the worst president ever and has the distinction of playing first fiddle to John Kerry who the Donald called "what a schmuck".  I am searching the Yiddish dictionary to see if their is a word for the boss of a schmuck who will add $8.5 trillion of debt.

Wagoner's stupidity and narcissism of flying in for the meeting with Oh Bummer in a corporate jet will be long forgotten.  Oh Bummer's presidency will be remembered as much as that of Buchanan.  But Vinod Khosla will always be remembered as the man who lost the Martin's Beach case to some surfers and who appeared on 60 Minutes walking around the Kior plant with Leslie Stahl with a beaker of white catalyst that simply could not turn pine trees into diesel.  Of the three in the photo the one on the right is the one with the largest narcissistic tendencies, he wanted the Beach all to himself and do what God does in 300 million years in seconds. Oh Bummer is generous and shares the uranium that he bought on credit.

God Bless America and Please God keep making shale oil and gas to help pay the $19.1 trillion of debt  Oh Bummer will leave us with.  That is his Legacy!



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