Monday, August 31, 2015

Denali Obama and The Height Of Stupidity

The news is that Mr. Obama will rename Mount McKinley Mount Denali.   This is an attempt to right wrongs and reverse global warming.

The peak is 20,320 feet tall.  It had me thinking how tall all the Bloom Energy canisters filled with solid waste would be if they were stacked up.  My estimate is each canister is two feet tall and there have been approximately 10,000 canisters shipped to the EPA licensed facility in Texas that treats the waste.  Wow the stacked canisters are as tall Mount Denali.

GM has a full sized SUV called the GMC Denali that is a full sized carbon emitter.  GM will rename their Denali to the McKinley when they covert the pile of junk into an electric drive.

Of course Mr. Obama could stack up the added 8.2 trillion dollars of debt he will create in his eight failed years as president.  It looks like this will be 8.2 times 67,000 miles high.  I have no clue how many feet this is as my calculator only has 8 digits, but for sure is kind of like 500,000 times 5,000 or around 2.5 billion feet high. 

I don’t think it is possible to make a pile this high it would topple, so let’s just name the pile of the 10,000 Bloom Energy sulfur waste canisters as Mount Obama.

Interestingly the one billion dollars of ratepayer and taxpayer money Al Gore, John Doerr, Colin Powell extracted in the Bloomdoggle would be a pile 67 miles high.  This is nearly 350,000 feet or approximately 17 times taller than Mount Denali.

Mr. Obama leaves a legacy that is one inch high or about one two hundred and forty thousandth of Mt. McKinley.  Ford will be renaming their Lincoln Division to the Obama Division when they start selling peddle cars to cope with global warming.  Bibi is kind of worried Oh Bummer will rename Mount Sinai as Mount Khumani.  There is an iron ore mine in South Africa called the Khumani Mine.

The Donald when he becomes president will rename Mount Denali to become known as Trump Towers Alaska.  I just think all of this name calling is the height of stupidity.


  1. Thanks for the comment. Denali meaning the high one may also be a hidden name for President Obama. As a pot smoker he was labeled the high one in high school.

  2. What is the Inuit word for Stupid? The Zulu word for stupid is Mamparah and Oh Bummer is one of the biggest mumparahs I have ever witnessed.

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