Saturday, August 22, 2015

Exelon and Delaware

As you all know I have blogged that Delmarva Power, a part of Exelon Corp is the agent of the BLOOMDOGGLE in Delaware.  We all know the BLOOMDOGGLE the grandest greenwashing fraud in the United States.

A lady who was a cheerleader for a NFL team was recently sentenced in Delaware Court for the rape of a teenager boy.

Her ex-husband is the Chairman of Exelon.  I have been emailing the CEO (Christopher Crane) of Exelon to inform him that he and his company are part of the BLOOMDOGGLE, and that his company by financing 40 megawatts of Bloom Coffins is a enabling the creation on hundreds of tons of solid waste with sulfur.  He knows the solid waste is treated at an EPA licensed facility.

I am sure the Chairman of Exelon did not expect his ex-wife to rape a teenage boy.  But we should also expect Exelon and their subsidiary Delmarva Power to cease screwing 250,000 rate payers in Delaware in the BLOOMDOGGLE.  

I do not believe in coincidences.  The Cheerleader was HOT.  But actually she was not as hot as the BLOOMDOGGLE that is 1960 Celsius HOT.  1960 C is four times hotter than Fahrenheit 911 and is the flame temperature of the shale natural gas they use in Deal Away.  Only in Deal Away could the governor mandate that the shale gas is renewable.  1960 is the year of birth of Governor Jack Markell who is so corrupt he thinks belching cows created the methane in the Marcellus Shale.  Folks I am not making this up and nor did the teenager that got raped in Bethany Beach Delaware by a cheerleader who was a cougar and 3.2 times his age.

Interesting the county where the courtroom was located is named Sussex County.  In Hebrew the name Bethany means house of affliction or sorrow.  In Hebrew or any language for that matter, Bloomdoggle means Bloomdoggle or a monster nonconsensual screwing of ratepayers and taxpayers.  I wonder who the heck named the town Bethany Beach??  The link below shows there was a nationwide contest and H.L Atkinson came up with the name for the town. H L must have stood for Hot Lady.

 You all know I invented the word BLOOMDOGGLE.