Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ivanpah Still Equals Solyndra Time Three

Over three tears ago I wrote for Breitbart that Ivanpah was Solyndra times three.

Now the Wall Street Journal is finally reporting this

The Green Machine AKA The Thermonator is now reporting that Ayatollah is Solyndrah times 300 given the money Obamah will give the Ayatollah.  Bet you The Thermonator is called The Thermonatah.

Ayatollah, Solyndrah, and Ivanpah are all the same set of bad guys.  The Thermonatah is the Ah in the white hat oops the Green Hat


  1. I visited Ivanpah one year ago. Mirrors were pointed in all directions. Controlling the mechanisms to continually point the sun at the towers is difficult when you have 150,000 mirrors. From what I have read the output is half the 390 MW.

    James H. Rust, Professor

  2. Prof Rust The mirrors were all pointing in all directions, where was the smoke pointing? Moniz should be fired for Ivanpah as well as his Ayatollah deal

  3. The WSJ is a poor source of technological information. They couldn't be bothered to check the generation figures for 2015, so they reused their conclusions from 2014. Breaking Energy pointed out that production was up 170% in 2015. That the plant is not using more NG as they requested. Bird deaths have been overstated by many, ~1,200 for the year. Plant is now allowed to use control measures commonly used at airport and military bases to deter them.