Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bravo Ellen - Go For The Appeal

It looks like Ellen Pao will appeal the ruling in her sex discrimination case against Kleiner Perkins the most connected VC group in the world.

Kleiner Perkins owns governments and is the operative in the most massive greenwashing of all time The Bloom Energy BLOOMDOGGLE.  But Ms. Pao will take them on and appeal the ruling where she lost her case in court in San Francisco a few months back. 

Ms. Pao is liable for the $970,000 of legal costs Kleiner Perkins racked up in their defense in the San Francisco suit.  Kleiner was willing to forgive the liability for legal fees if Ms. Pao did not appeal.  Once again they were trying to buy their way out.    John Doerr certainly waves money in front of people’s noses and expects them to say “yes master”.  Well Ellen is not going to fall for this.  She looks willing to go all the way in her appeals.  I say bravo and bring it on.  Let’s keep Kleiner Perkins in the news with all the dirt she can drag up.

Al Gore, John Doerr, and Colin Powell are all Kleiner Perkins operatives for the Military Industrial Congressional Presidential Complex.  Kleiner Perkins bought their way around Dover Delaware and Washington DC but could not force God to change the second law of thermodynamics.  Their portfolio of companies in the green energy space is a pack of dogs.  Dog is god spelled backwards, and Kleiner Perkins sure got thermodynamics backwards by listening to the gangrene green imposter Al Gore.

God bless Ellen and anyone who will take on these operatives.  They do not have Merit Systems they simply have Bloom Systems that pollute and extract taxpayer and ratepayer dollars for unreliable power.


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