Sunday, May 31, 2015

Beau Biden

Sadly Beau Biden a young man of 46 has passed.  Brain cancer is terrible disease and I am shocked and saddened that he had to suffer.  Even his political opponents on both sides of the aisle have called him a fine man.  I am sure he was a fine man, and a great son, brother, husband, and father.   I am sure he was a soldier with courage and honor.   He was brave to fight cancer.  May he rest in peace and his family and all friends find comfort in their grief.

I as the Green Machine did write to him several times in his capacity as the Attorney General of Delaware to investigate Bloom Energy, Colin O’Mara, Governor Markell, and others in the now famous BLOOMDOGGLE.  Two of his assistant attorney generals contacted me and chose to let the BLOOMDOGGLE continue under the guise that Governor Markell and others were defendants in a civil law suit in Federal Court brought by Fuel Cell Energy for constraint of trade in Deal Away.

Jack Markell had this to say at the passing of Beau Biden:

"Carla and I are heartbroken for Hallie, his children, his parents, his siblings, and the entire Biden family. Beau spent his entire career in the service of his country and his state. He was an outstanding Attorney General, lawyer, soldier, and father. I feel privileged to have served with him and Delaware is a better place thanks to him, Markell said in a statement. "Beau was also a friend. He was unfailingly interested in the well being of Carla, my kids and my extended family. My entire family is shattered by his death. "

I do believe that Delaware is a better place thanks to Beau Biden.  Sadly it is a far worse place thanks to Magic Jack Markell, Collin Make the Sulfur Disappear O’Mara, Alan Give the Money To Bloom and Fisker Levin, and others that gave Delaware the massive failures of Bloom Energy and Fisker.   Mr. Doerr, Mr. Gore, and Mr. Powell have made sure that they got richer while the average person in Delaware got screwed.  Governor Markell, Secretary O’Mara, Mr. Levin and others in Delaware government let this happen. 

Hide The Sulfur O’Mara resigned in disgrace last year and I now have asked the Board of the National Wildlife Federation to investigate why he is the President of the NWF.  Alan Levin has resigned effective the end of June.  This leaves Magic Jack Markell as the last man standing to answer for the Bogus Tariff that does not match the Fake Permit in the BLOOMDOGGLE that extracts over $30 million each year in subsidy from the poor and middle class to Al Gore and his cronies. 

When the Federal Lawsuit brought by Fuel Cell Energy is settled, then the Delaware DOJ will be in a position to investigate the Fake Permit in the Coastal Zone, and the Bogus Tariff that does not match the Fake Permit.  I do hope the Fuel Cell Energy suit ends soon and real justice can be brought to the first state.  After the Delaware DOJ brings justice to all of Delmarva’s rate payers for the crimes against nature and humanity in the BLOOMDOGGLE, Delaware will be a far far far better place.  As soon as the NWF boots O’Mara it too will be a far far far better organization.

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