Monday, June 15, 2015

Bloom VP Admits There Is Sulfur Waste and SCHMUTZ

Mr. William Brockenborough who lied under oath in Delaware at a Coastal Zone Act hearing and submitted a false permit application for his Bloom Boxes in Delaware has issued a Certification in New Jersey.  I have a copy of the certification and Mr. Brockenborough now admits to solid waste with sulfur being transported out of state in removable steel canisters.

Yes on June 1, 2015 Mr. William Brockenborough The General manager for Bloom Electrons finally fessed up that there is solid waste from the bloom coffins that includes steel, chemical sorbents, and sulfur.   I had estimated for the Delaware project in the protected coastal zone where 135 such Bloom coffins are placed as much as 100,000 pounds a year of such solid waste is generated each year.

Mr. Collin O’Mara the former secretary of the DE DNREC who resigned in disgrace hid this waste when he approved the Coastal Zone Act (CZA) permit.  O’Mara is hiding out in the wilderness as the CEO of the National Wildlife Federation.  Another story for another time.

What is also interesting is that Bloom and AT&T are squealing in New Jersey that if the dirty, unreliable and expensive coffins are not allowed to operate Bloom and AT&T stand to lose much money.  There is a note holder for 18.855 megawatts of the fool cells that cover multiple states and multiple investors.  What Mr. Brockenborough should have added to his certification is that 18.855 megawatts of Bloom Coffins will create approximately 65,000 pounds a year of the DESULFERIZATION schmutz, that is shipped OUT OF STATE for treatment in a “PROCESSING CENTER”.

Bloom Claims to have over 130 megawatts of boxes installed around the US.  Therefore, approximately 500,000 pounds a year of SULFUR laden SCHMUTZ ends up in PROCESSING CENTERS.  How much longer can Al Gore and his cronies hide this much solid waste and pretend they are green? 

Here is the definition of schmutz

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