Saturday, June 27, 2015


NBC reported the stealthy revisions of emissions by Bloom Energy on June 25, 2015.

Of particular interest is Bloom’s statement to cover up their greenwashing.

“Although the original data sheet was factually correct, in order to avoid any potential misinterpretation, the data sheet was updated from an instantaneous efficiency and emission rate to include a range of efficiencies and emission rates over time. The original efficiency and emission rates were within the updated range.”

No doubt one of Al Gore’s high priced lawyers came up with statement.  But folks here is what Mr. Brockenborough the General Manager of Bloom Electrons wrote in his January 13, 2012 coastal zone act permit application in Delaware.

“each fuel cell has a base electrical output of 200 kw with a maximum natural gas usage of 1.32 MMBTU per hour”. 

Take 1.32 and multiply by 5 to get the gas usage per megawatt hour and we have 6.6 million BTUs.  Each million BTUs of natural gas emits 117 pounds of carbon dioxide (per the EPA) and we have the 773 pounds of carbon dioxide for the 6.6 million BTUs needed for each megawatt hour.

Brockenborough said “MAXIMUM” he did not say “INSTANTANEOUS”.  Brockenborough invented the low emissions to obtain a lucrative permit for Bloom in Delaware.  That fake permit has resulted in the transfer of $82,579,354 so far from the poor and middle class ratepayers of DELMARVA Power to Al Gore, John Doerr, and Colin Powell at Bloom.

NBC did not report on the sulfur waste as they simply are too chicken to report the full story.  They also got the part about combined cycle power stations all wrong.  New combined cycle power stations running on natural gas only emit 740 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hours.  The Bloom Box does not cost $800,000.  Data from a Certification given to a court in New Jersey show that 5 Bloom Boxes cost $11,128,000 or $2,225,600 per box.

The same Bloom lawyers who wrote the false response probably told high level executives at NBC to lay off the story.  NBC may be intimidated by Al Gore, John Doerr, and Colin Powell, but the GREEN MACHINE has no fear of these gangrene operatives of the complex.  NBC only reported 800,000 of a 2,225,600 story.  This is only 35.95% of the story.  This is like the tip of the iceberg.  The GREEN MACHINE has reported the full story that BLOOM the BLOOMDOGGLER is the largest green fraud out there.

I did not draw the image of the owl, I simply googled revised image and found the Bloom Tax Economy image.   Interesting the words concoct and fabricate are verbs listed.


  1. What's particularly interesting is the way they, Bloom sneaked in the operative 'instantaneous' to replace 'maximum'--which the general public, that has not studied calculus will be unable to comprehend, and will certainly misunderstand the subtle, complexity implication.

    That instantaneous is purely logical, and can never be observed or measured. To measure this, it is necessary to know both a unit measure change in emissions, and a time change, however small.

  2. Yeah. Differential calculus deals with instantaneous rates of change. How things change right now, not over 773 year or 773 miles e.g. average rates of change, not over 773 seconds or 773 one-hundredths of a second, but right now, this instant.

  3. Kim I wonder how much Bloom paid the lawyers to help reconcoct their data sheet for their ES 5700. Sad that NBC only reports 35.95% of a story that includes how honest green technologies never stood a chance to get any of the billions of dollars of government funding that Bloom, KIOR, Range and others sucked

  4. Yeah. Interesting how, by chance, I crossed paths w/the CEO of All Power Labs (APL) yesterday. He told me they are still BARELY getting by financially. I know that SGIP funding would REALLY help their company move along by leaps and bounds. Perhaps they had the human resource capital to compete with companies who have dedicated staff, like Bloom Energy, to submit RFPs and deal with the painstaking CPUC paperwork process, APL would not be in this in-perpetuity 'survival mode.'

  5. Bloom is a scam. Nothing more. Instead of BURNING natural gas or propane, it is rectified... CO2 output remains about the same... Sneaky lawyers were able to slip past regulators and call it Green... About is green a Tar Sands dump truck.