Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Noise Makes the Wicked Tremble, Silence Makes Evil Grow

I was on a FaceBook page for South Africa and came across this quote from a woman in the country:
"Noise makes the wicked tremble, silence makes evil grow"

I then googled the saying thinking she may have used a quote from a famous person.  Only one google hit came up which was the FaceBook page

Her name is Judith Petrou.   I happen to think her statement is quite profound and borders on the brilliant.  I googled “Judith Petrou” and she has made many comments on current events in South Africa.  She may be a Librarian that was born in South Africa and now lives in Chicago.  Not a very famous person but a very brave person.

The editors of the third rate green sites that have colluded with Khosla and Kleiner have called me noisy.  My Congressman has called me a noise that nobody listens to.   I make my noise based on science and based on fact.  I make my noise while the operatives of the Military Industrial Congressional Presidential State House Gubernatorial Complex fleece America with Gangrene Schemes.  Perhaps my noise will make the wicked tremble.  The silence of the free press has certainly allowed the evil gangrene empire to grow.   The collusion of the green press has fertilized the gangrene junk

I looked up the definition of a “guber” and it is that of a stupid person.  I guess it is derived from the full word “gubernatorial” and was first used as a word in Delaware in 2008.