Monday, June 29, 2015

Bloom Boxes Cost Far More Than $800,000

NBC in their report on Bloom Energy claimed the boxes cost $800,000. 

“The state provides rebates to customers who purchase emerging energy tech. That means that California taxpayers subsidize the cost of Bloom fuel cells which cost about $800,000.”

I had given NBC all the data I received under the Public Records Act from AC Transit.  This included the invoices for the two Bloom Boxes as well as the installation costs.  The base price of the two boxes without installation or sales tax was $3,400,000 or $1,700,000 each.  With taxes, site preparation, engineering, permits, and installation the boxes cost approximately $2,800,000 each at AC Transit in Oakland California.  In New Jersey at the AT&T site where five boxes are being installed, AT&T swore under oath that the installed boxes cost $2,225,600 each.

I blogged that NBC only told you 35.95% of the real story on the BLOOMDOGGLE.  I have written an email to the NBC that I am dismayed by their reporting and that I had spent hundreds of hours over more than a year helping them with data and research and then they simply got scared off by Bloom who probably had one of their high level operatives call NBC executives to try squash the story.   I told NBC the only way the public will get the full 100% story on Bloom is when I release my Documentary Film on the BLOOMDOGGLE.

I have copyrighted the title “Celsius 1960 – The BLOOMDOGGLE” for the documentary.  The flame temperature of natural gas is 1960 Celsius.  1960 was also the year of birth of Governor Jack Markell of Delaware who is the grandest Bloomdoggler.   With a temperature of 1960 Celsius, the film will be four times hotter than Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911.  The BLOOMDOGGLE is four times bigger than Solyndra ($2 billion of rip off versus only $0.5 billion).

It is actually very disconcerting that two young and capable reporters at NBC who were given the biggest story of their lives on a plate, chose for reasons coming from above to soft sell the BLOOMDOGGLE.  Brian Williams at NBC embellished stories, NBC Bay Area edited out the real meat or sulfur in the story.  At a minimum NBC should at least report the real cost of a Bloom Coffin that is not $800,000 but far higher.


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