Thursday, June 4, 2015

AT&T Bloom Energy and New Jersey

Three corrupt institutions are in a lovefest.  New Jersey is handing over $2 million in gift to AT&T for one megawatt of Bloom Coffins.  AT&T claims the project will cost $11,128,000.

They claim the coffins will generate 8,322 mwh per year (95% capacity factor).  The coffins will have 52% efficiency with no waste heat recovered.

Bloom’ project manager, Mr. DeMeis,  has admitted under oath at the Middletown Planning Board Meeting of November 5, 2014 that there is solid waste with sulfur and that Bloom transports this waste to California.  They claim to have EPA permits as well as all kinds of permits.   The Bloom project manager also said he would not want any of the solid waste to get on him.

Well Bloom’s Project Manager spilled the beans and AT&T is a generator of unpermitted solid waste with sulfur.  AT&T reached and touched someone to get the $2 million in gift from the state.  AT&T could have generated 1 megawatt of power with a project that only cost $1 million instead of $11.128 million.  They should have used reciprocating natural gas fired engines that are 43% efficient but can also cogenerate heat.  The IRS will give AT&T 30% of the total project cost in an investment tax credit.

Without all the taxpayer gifts AT&T would pay around 30 cents per kwh for power from the Bloom Coffins.  Without taxpayer gifts AT&T would pay 10 cents per kwh for the power from the reciprocating engines.  Why should we as the people subsidize this folly?  Well it because Al Gore, John Doerr, and Colin Powell direct Bloom and direct Mr. Christie and Mr. Obama.  They direct democrats and republicans.  Perhaps Caterpillar should let Gore, Doerr, and Powell do their marketing?  All it takes is a couple of phone calls to the right or left people.

This nonsense in Middletown NJ is costing taxpayers a total of $5.34 million in subsidy and we in California are recipient of New Jersey’s solid waste.  I had always thought the mob buried waste in New Jersey.  Maybe Jimmy Hoffa is actually buried in California.   AT&T is Bloom’s largest nonutility customer.  I am glad that I use Sprint.  The seal of the great state of New Jersey says Liberty and Prosperity.  Yes but for whom????