Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bloom Boxes Take 40.79 Years To Payout

Yes folks you heard it here first.  Real and official data from New Jersey under the freedom of information act show that at Middletown  where Bloom will install 4 brand spanking new ES 5710 fuel cells the project before government subsidy will take 40.79 years to payout.  This is longer than the Children of Israel spent in the desert!   This is longer than I have been in America!

Sridhar, Gore, Doerr,and Powell can claim their BLOOMDOGGLE is affordable energy.  This is unaffordable energy.  In order to achieve the 40.79 year payout, Bloom claimed 52% efficiency and 95% capacity factor.  Both of these claims will likely not be achieved and the payout period will likely be even longer.  NBC is still claiming the boxes cost only $800,000 each.  Brian Williams claims to have marched with Moses while Egyptian chariots were firing arrows at them.

The Table below does the math from the data from the State of New Jersey Board of Public Utilities October 10, 2014 official document.

ATT Middletown NJ
Boxes type
ES 5710
Boxes No.
kw per box
kw total
cost total
cost per box
cost per kw

savings per year
payout years
kwh per year

capacity factor