Sunday, June 21, 2015

April 30 2012 – A Day of Infamy In Deal Away

I have often blogged how the corrupt state government in Delaware handed out tens of millions of dollars to the greatest greenwasher of all time, the BLOOMDOGGLER, Bloom Energy.

The corruption and crimes against nature and humanity have a start date.  That is April 30, 2012.  That is the day Collin Hide The Sulfur O’Mara a cabinet member in Magic Jack Markell’s administration signed the final CZA permit number 394 for the Bloomdoggle.

On that day Magic Jack appeared on Betty Loo on Bloomberg or as I call the channel BLOOMDOGGLEBERG

The BLOOMDOGGLERS at Bloom Energy hailed the day

As did other operatives in the “free” press, academia, and government.

The permit O’Mara signed is a fraud.  O’Mara should face justice.  In the past three years since O’Mara signed the fake permit, Bloom has extracted $82,579,354 from Delmarva ratepayers.  This amount increases by almost $100,000 a day.  O’Mara and Levin (two cabinet members) of Magic Jack’s administration have resigned.  Magic Jack should also resign.  Two down one to go!

On June 13, 2012 there was a hearing that the “authorities” in Deal Away deemed was not a hearing to appeal the CZA Permit 394.  I was supposed to testify to that hearing as an expert in thermodynamics.  I was not allowed to testify.  

Folks, democracy died in Delaware on April 30, 2012.  Democracy will be restored when Governor Magic Jack Markell resigns or is impeached.  He is simply a crook. O’Mara is a crook.  Bloom Energy is thermodynamic fraud.  The free press, academics, and other politicians like US Senator Coons are accomplices in the greatest greenwashing of all time, The BLOOMDOGGLE.


  1. Great work. Hopefully a day will come when your decision to expose this great waste of tax dollars will stop this raid on the public.

    James Rust, Professor

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