Sunday, June 7, 2015

Why Beau Would Not Prosecute BLOOMDOGGLERs

I have wondered why Beau as the AG of Delaware would not go after the BLOOMDOGGLERs?  Beau was no doubt a courageous and honorable person.  He probably did care for the poor and middle class ratepayers of Delmarva who got screwed by Magic Jack Markell , Hide The Sulfur Collin O’Mara, Al Convenient Untruths Gore, Colin No WMD Powell, John Doe Double R Doerr, and others in the BLOOMDOGGLE.  Here is a theory why did he not go after the BLOOMDOGGLERs.  Note my theory is just a theory not a story.

After watching parts of his funeral service it struck me that Beau did not ever want to hurt his Dad or hurt anybody.  I have no evidence his Dad played any role in the BLOOMDOGGLE, and I am not suggesting his Dad played a role.  But his Dad had close friends who played the big roles in the Bloomdoggle and Beau may have thought going after family friends would hurt his Dad by hurting his Dad’s friends.

Beau was 100% true to his family.  He was 100% true to his friends.  He was 100% true to his fellow soldiers.  He truly was blessed with many virtues.  His passing is beyond sad, it is tragic.  His family values, his loyalty, and his fidelity are unquestionable.  Some Republicans have questioned his wisdom given he had to take the Delaware bar exam three times.

 I do not question his wisdom.  I do not question him in any way.  I just want to understand why a man of such courage, integrity, and caring of so many would have not jumped at the opportunity to prosecute those who fraudulently sold the poor and the middle class “clean, reliable, and affordable energy” when in fact it is dirty, unreliable, and exorbitantly expensive energy?

I bet if hucksters who were behind the BLOOMDOGGLE were from the mob or from Russia or China, Beau would have jumped upon the case that I presented him with irrefutable written evidence.  Beau could not go after Al Gore, Colin Powell, and John Doerr.  Beau could not go after Jack Markell, Collin O’Mara, and Alan Levin.  They are all friends.   

Beau decided that others will go after these operatives who have fleeced the poor and the middle class ratepayers of Delmarva Power of some $82,579,354 dollars so far.  Beau could not hurt his dad’s friends.  Beau was not a man who wanted to hurt anybody.  May his soul rest in peace.  Now may justice be brought to all in Delaware who are being fleeced to the tune of almost $100,000 each day by the BLOOMDOGGLE.     

Bloom is kind of like the American version of FIFA.  In Deal Away, Caliphornia, and other ignited states in the Union FIFA stands for Fix It For Al.  To me and others who have followed the BLOOMDOGGLE and Al Gore’s greenwashing for years, FIFA must stand for Finally Investigate Fraud America! 

The BLOOMDOGGLE is the greatest green fraud out there.  It is Solyndra times four.  It is a national disgrace.  It is thermodynamic fraud.  It is the poster child of the Green Teapot Dome Scandal.  In one word it is a BLOOMDOGGLE. 

One day the Oxford Dictionary will acknowledge BLOOMDOGGLE as an accepted word in the Queen’s language.  This may be posted on my epitaph.  “Here Lies The Green Machine Who Coined The Word BLOOMDOGGLE”.    I hope the president of the supreme universal court of thermodynamics delivers my eulogy and says Leveen was true follower of the first, second, and third laws of thermo that are inviolable and have been so since the Big Bang.