Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dollar Tree or Billion Dollar Tree?

Dollar Tree stores got nailed in california for illegally disposing of solid waste in their trash.

Bloom the Billion Dollar Tree that Al Gore planted and we all fertilize by giving him and his cronies a billion dollars of taxpayer and ratepayer monies make Dollar Tree look green when it comes to disposing of solid waste in an unauthorized fashion.

The North Carolina state EPA is asking Apple questions on the solid waste from the 50 Bloom Coffins they installed in Maiden NC.  As of Friday Apple had not responded but the pressure is on for some answers as to the solid waste from the desulfurization bed canisters and the spent fuel cell stacks.

Al Gore was dancing at Apple on Earthday.  He tweeted to Lisa Jackson the former head of the US EPA who is now the VP of Environmental Affairs at Apple.

Pharrell, I love you on the voice and I am sure you had no idea that Apple generates solid waste with sulfur there in Maiden North Carolina so I forgive you for posing with Bog Al and Lisa False Email Jackson for a twitter tweet.   Pharrell the happier planet will be when Bloom and Apple pay a 2.7 billion dollar fine for greenwashing.

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