Friday, October 13, 2017

Bloom Lied To FERC In A Petition

Bloom submitted a petition to FERC a couple days ago.  FERC Docket EL 18-10-000.  Bloom lied they use only 8.2 megawatts of incoming natural gas at lower heating value to produce 5 megawatts of electricity.  This is an imputed efficiency of 60.98%

We know from real data from the Delaware PSC that the 150 Bloom Boxes in the state only operate at 49.7% efficiency based on the lower heating value of natural gas.

The US SEC, EPA, FTC, and DOJ as well as FERC were informed of the latest greenwashing by Bloom.  The general counsel of Bloom one Shawn Soderberg was the operative who submitted the petition with false information.  The board of Bloom has also been advised of the greenwashing.

Here is the link at FERC with my comment

Harvey Weistein has checked in to a clinic to deal with his Sex Addiction.  The only way the Bloomdogglers can get treated for Gangrene is for the Feds to indict all of them in a RICO statute trial and get a jury to convict them.  Heavy fines and stiff sentences of long jail terms will cure Bloomdogglers of greed.


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