Monday, October 2, 2017

Home Depot, Southern, and Bloom Energy Tied At The Hip

I knew I would find out why Home Depot is using Southern and Bloom for onsite power generation.

It has nothing to do with clean energy.  We know Bloom Electrons are dirty as hell.  It has to do with who in the swamp dwells within the three Bloomdoggling gangrene subsidy grabbing eco-criminals.

Al Gore of Bloom is the head pond scum operative.  His lawyer and coworker in the Clinton administration, one Theresa Wynn Roseborough is now the general counsel and executive vice president of Home Depot.  Theresa’s old Boss at Home Depot the former CEO one Frank Blake was a member of the board of directors of Southern company. 

Alchemy Gore the partner of the chief Bloomdoggler John Doerr and the war on carbon criminal Colin Powell helped engineer the coming together of Bloom, Home Depot and Southern.

Had Dr. Evil Sridhar invented a clean, reliable and affordable device in his Bloom Coffin the scheme may gone unnoticed.  But Dr. Evil Sridhar actually came up with a dirty, expensive, short lived, toxic waste generating electron device called a Bloomdoggle Fool Cell.  Hence Home Depot is now in deep poopoo for having installed the crap in the parking lots at 200 stores throughout the country.  Each of these stores is now a generator of hazardous materials.

By my estimate Home Depot via Southern and other Bloomdogglers is directly responsible for the extraction of over $200 million in taxpayer and ratepayer subsidies.  I got onto the Home Depot case because of a recently announced project in Wilton NY that extracted almost a million dollars in subsidy from Andrew Cuomo’s NYSERDA.

Wilton is now called Wilted.  Ms. Roseborough is now called Ms. Bloomborough.  Frank Blake is just called Blank Fake.  Alchemy Gore also pulled off a similar Bloomdoggle at Apple where he is a board member.  Alchemy Gore is just a gangrene liar.