Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Corker The Porker & Wamp In The Swamp - The Genesis of Bloomdoggle

I certainly have nailed the Democrats for the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle.  Gore, Doerr, Carper, Coons, Carney. Markell and so on and so on.  I did nail Colin Powell who once pretended to be a Republican for being a Bloomdoggler.  Now I have found two GOP swamp dwellers in Tennessee to really go after in the Bloomdoggle.

The University of Tennessee in Chattanooga was a beta test site for the worst fuel in the world.  The operative Harry McDonald who ran NASA Ames and introduced Lying Sridhar the CEO of Bloomdoggle to Vinod Khosla, moved on to the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga.

Representative Wamp and Senator Corker then convinced the Feds to hand out $10 million in grants for an early 100 kilowatt Bloomdoggle fuel cell to be placed in Chattanoogah at the local electric utility. 

Bloom also placed a fuel cell at Google as their first “industrial” customer.  Google and the University of Tennessee then gave glowing testimonials to prospective clients that installed the hazmat generating devices.

Corker the Porker and Wamp in the Swamp helped Al Gore and the Bloomdogglers get this huge amount of early grant money from Taxpayers.  They were mighty proud that they landed this wonderful Silly Con Valley company to come to the mountains.  I have no doubt that Al Gore crossed party lines to reach out and touch Wamp and Corker to get the taxpayer dough.  Al The Gordo hails from Tennessee.

Fast forward seven years from when the first 100 kilowatt unit was placed in Chattanooga, the Bloomdoggle has extracted over $1.2 billion in taxpayer and ratepayer subsidies.    Without the starting helping hand given by Wamp and Corker the Bloomdoggle may never have mushroomed to become Solyndra times eight and Flint on Steroids,  I have contacted both Wamp and Corker and both have refused to comment and certainly refused to apologize for being the swamp dwellers that helped launch the Bloomdoggle.  

You have to remember when I confronted Senator Feinstein about the Bloomdoggle she changed course and assisted me with the FTC investigation of greenwashing under the Green Guides.  At least DiFi knows how to pivot and should be on Dancing With The Stars.   Wamp and Corker are like Al Gore and only know how to do the Tennessee Waltz.   I score them as a 2.  Had they done some homework and read the ASME peer reviewed report on Bloom being dead last among 18 fuel cell competitors they may have avoided becoming a huge part of the Bloomdoggle.