Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Email to the SEC in Chicago Re Bloom Energy


You all claimed glory in nailing Daubenspeck, Badger, and Advanced Equities.

Stoltz and Burson know that Bloom is Solyndra times eight and Flint on steroids.

I tipped off the US EPA that Bloom Energy generates millions of pounds
a year of Hazmat.  EPA has come down on them.

I tipped off FTC to investigate Bloom under the Green Guides for
Greenwashing.  That is ongoing

Now SEC must make amends and extend the Advanced Equities case to the
real ecriminals Doerr, Gore, Powell, Khosla, Sridhar, Zervigon,
Bachher, Rodgers, Sandell, and others.

SEC must find out how many millions of dollars if any the CEO, CFO,
and others in Bloom made by offloading their stock to unsuspecting

Burson and Stoltz know the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
(ASME) ranked Bloom dead last in a peer reviewed study of fuel cells
in April 2008.

Shipchandler and Evans in Dallas let the most crooked serial
ecocriminal Kholsa off the hook in the KIOR case.  Con D Rice insider
traded shares in Kior for a profit while hyping Kior as a reality.
She is the Martha Steward of green energy

Little People Matter.  We want equal justice and the rule of law.  The
SEC now stands for Save Every Crook

Here is the link where you all claimed glory

The company you failed to Identify is Bloom Energy.  Maybe their name
was hidden because you all were told from up high (Whitehouse maybe)
to protect Gore, Doerr, Powell, etc.

Shame on you for being swamp dwellers.  Peikins and Avakian have to
clean house at the SEC.

We got Corker the Porker to not run again for US Senate in 2018.  He
and Wamp of the Swamp are Bloomdogglers from Tennessee.  We will clean
up the SEC.

Bet you all Joe Middle Class My Ass Biden the Bloomdoggler from
Delaware will not campaign in Alabama as Judge Moore has already been
told about the Bloomdoggle and how Joe the VP twisted arms in Delaware
to grant Bloom a bogus tariff that has so far cost Delmarva ratepayers
$166,335,020 in subsidy.  The Delaware Bloomdoggle happened because
the SEC went after minnows not sharks.  The sharks were protected by 
the deep state.  Obama pretended sharks were dolphins.  Bloom pretended to be green when they are gangrene.

It is all over.

The Green Machine