Sunday, October 8, 2017


I tipped off the EPA and the North Carolina State EPA that Apple has tons of hidden hazardous waste in Maiden North Carolina.  A few days ago the North Carolina State EPA levied fines on Apple for the hidden hazardous waste.

This is just the begoinning of greenwashed customers of the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle being nailed.  All these companies like Walmart, AT&T, Home Depot, Ebay, Apple, Coca Cola, Kaiser Permenante, Life Technologies, Genentech, Maxim Integrated, Cypress Semi, Intel, Ikea and myriad others face the possibility of State and Federal fines for greenwashing.

We all know that Bloom is Solyndra times eight and Flint on steroids.  We all know Bloom with Al Gore the Green Subsidy Whore helping them took over a billion dollars of ratepayer and taxpayer money.  What we don't know is exactly when the US DOJ will indict Bloom, their officers, their directors, their banker, their major shareholders, their customers, and the fake green press that hyped them.

All of these eco-criminals need to be fined billions of dollars under the RICO racketeering statutes.  Oh Bummer protected his crooked friends Doerr, Gore, Powell and Khosla but those days are over.

Bloom is the Harvey Weinstein of electrons.  Khosla is the Joe Isuzu of Thermodynamics.  Apple has Lying Lisa Jackson to blame for the fine.  I had asked her in April 2015 to deal with the hazmat.  Lying Lisa is a chemical engineer who previously headed the US EPA and had a fake email account at EPA.  She works directly for Tim Crook oops Cook.  Tiny Tim is also a Bloomdoggler as I copied on the dozens of emails I sent lying Lisa.

Lying Lisa, Toxic Tim and Alchemy Gore all danced together with Pharell Williams at an Earth Day celebration at Apple's HQ.  I blogged about this in April 2015.


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