Friday, September 22, 2017

Bloom Google Cypress Doerr and Rodgers Bloomdoggle = Bloomgoogle

This email was sent to the Chairman of the SEC and others very high up at the SEC

My investigation into the Bloom Bloomdoggle has uncovered evidence
that Google hyped the performance of Bloom Fuel Cells in early 2009.
Remember the American Society of Mechanical Engineers report that
rated Bloom dead last was published in April 2008.  Yet in January
2009 Google Hyped Bloom to Cypress Semiconductor .  Cypress then
installed 3 Bloom Boxes.

Doerr of Bloom sits on the board of Google.  Rodgers of Bloom was the
CEO of Cypress.  Doerr and Rodgers are often invested together in
companies that Kleiner Perkins funds (Enphase is on example).

Rodgers was thrown out of Cypress by the Board of Cypress.

I have reason to believe that Credit Suisse was the tax equity
partners in the early Power Purchase Agreement that may include Bloom
boxes at Google and Cypress.  Many of those boxes failed and they were
decommissioned resulting in the IRS recapturing investment tax

This email puts the SEC on record that crony behavior because of cross
board membership between Bloom, Google and Cypress occurred and this
behavior was at the expense of taxpayers, ratepayers, smaller
shareholders in Bloom, Cypress, and Google and possibly Credit Suisse
as the tax equity partner in Bloom's power purchase agreements.

Failure by the SEC to investigate and act upon this information will
again prove that the SEC is in bed with Doerr, Gore, Powell, etc.  The
Chicago office of the SEC (Burson and Stoltz) already proved their
protection of the big fish that were close to Obama administration in
the Advanced Equities, Badger and Daubenspeck case.

Ms. Avakian and Mr. Peikins I expect you to contact me as SEC staff
that report to you are simply too chicken to go after the real eco
criminals like Gore, Doerr, Powell, Rodgers, Sandell, and others in
the Bloomdoggle.

We expect the rule of law and equal justice

Thank you

Lindsay Leveen


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