Saturday, November 18, 2017

Bloom Lies To FERC

Lying Bloom has now lied to FERC.  FERC is the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  They claim offsets against Non Base Load power but for time immemorial they have claimed to deliver BASELOAD power.  Interesting how Bloom will continue to lie to save their failing company.

Lying Bloom also claimed the only sulfur in natural gas is from the odorant added.  I guess Bloom believes that naturally occurring Hydrogen Sulfide does not exist.

Bloom now claims the cleaning operation they called Decoking for at least two years is a "Redox Performance Improvement Procedure"

Bloom has also admitted that most of their installed fleet of fuel cells are obsolete.

I do not believe Bloom was profitable in 2016 as their CFO stated to Ms. Chernova of the Wall Street Journal.  I believe that Bloom lost a ton of money in 2016.  I have asked the FTC, EPA, and SEC to check on Blooms latest series of lies made by senior officers of the company.  It does not get much more senior than the CFO and the General Counsel.

Ending the BLOOMDOGGLE will drain 99% of the SWAMP