Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Gangrene Greenies Have a Bad Week

More gangrene folks get trapped by the second law of thermodynamics this week.  KIOR the poster child of the outlaw of the second law could not and did not pay the money owed to the State of Mississippi

Of course Condi Rice the once Board of Director did not say a word about the missing money nor the missing weapons of mass combustion.   KIOR will be delisted from the NASDAQ next week and Chapter 7 is likely the next chapter they will be reading in their fake out to convert Southern Yellow Pine into Diesel.  The demise of KIOR could finally keep Vinod Khosla quiet as he was the architect of the debacle to waste almost $70 million of taxpayers’ money in the poorest state in the Union.

The next gangrene greenie to report missed goals is our favorite BLOOMDOGGLE who did not hire the 300 people promised in the State of Deal Away or as some say Delunaware.  They managed to hire 208 people while extracting $62 million in subsidies on overpriced, dirty, and unreliable power from Delmarva ratepayers.

Then the coconspirator in the BLOOMDOGGLE in Deal Away, Delmarva Power finally fessed up to the high price they charge for the natural gas used by Bloom.  I have always stated that Delmarva was making money on the gas used by the Bloom coffins in the coastal zone of Deal Away.  For 28 months they pretended to have no margin on the natural gas but finally they submitted the real price for natural gas they charge to Bloom who then charges this price to the ratepayers.

I also blogged on the Global Nature of the BLOOMDOGGLE and how the province of Alberta Canada and the country of New Zealand were in on the profiteering by Bloom Energy.

Lastly during my busy week I read the White Paper (I call it the Charmin Paper) that Bloom wrote in March of this year where they set forth more greenwashing of their coffins.   They claimed the following in the paper titled “Sustainable Energy For the 21st Century A Case For Action”:
Bloom’s technology empowers customers to generate their own electricity and reduce their CO2, NOx and SOx emissions. Bloom Energy Servers release 773 pounds of CO2 per megawatt-hour while the average U.S grid emission rate is 1,555.

NBC showed that Bloom is simply incapable of producing power with a “release of 773 pounds CO2 per megawatt-hour”.  Bloom is greenwashing and lying.    The same Charmin Report  continues “Bloom’s ultra-low emissions also outperform natural gas turbines which produce 0.1 pounds/MWh of sulfur dioxide and 1.7 pounds/MWh of nitrogen oxides, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.”

I did some math on the sulfur the US EPA says will be emitted from a natural gas turbine.  The math showed that based on Blooms real heat rate of 7.55 million BTU per mwh, bloom will create 0.12 pounds of Zinc Sulfide solid per mwh.  Per their patent the ZnS is trapped on a solid filter and with an estimated loading of 6% on the filter bed the quantity of hazardous solid waste with sulfur that Bloom creates but never admits to is 1.95 pounds per megawatt hour.  The US EPA should report this as well.  

But the US EPA has been bought by Al Gore, Colin Powell, and John Doerr of Bloom so we will never hear the truth from the US EPA or the Delaware DNREC about the estimated 1.95 pounds of solid waste that Bloom creates for each megawatt hour of expensive unreliable energy they sell.  Yes the Bloom electrons cost $220 per mwh and the US DOE has estimated the natural gas turbines creates power for less than $70 per mwh – the Bloom electrons are outrageously expensive.  The gas turbines can operate at 95% capacity factor and we know Bloom reported they were only able to operate at 84% capacity factor in Delaware.  The gas turbines are more reliable!! 

Bloom should have written their Charmin Paper with green ink as nothing about the coffins is green and Bloom the BLOOMDOGGLER is just about crony capitalism.  $62 million for 208 jobs cost Delmarva ratepayers almost $300,000 a job.  This is the travesty.  This is unfair.  This is a crime.  This is a BLOOMDOGGLE.