Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Global Nature of the BLOOMDOGGLE

Readers of the Green Machine have asked who is behind Bloom Energy besides Al Gore, John Doerr, and Collin Powell.    The Green Machine had to tell his readers the profiteers who were willing to go along with the gangrene fake out are global.  The Province of Alberta Canada played a large role in the BLOOMDOGGLE.  They were an early investor via AIMCO their provincial investment arm.

Aimco claims ”good governance has a return” and “we may use our influence as shareholders to improve business practices.”   All I can say is POPPYCOCK!   I approached Aimco years ago to bring about proper governance to Bloom Energy and they did not lift a finger.  Aimco had board representation at Bloom.  Yes they had Jagdeep Singh Bachher  on the board of directors of Bloom Energy and he was an eager greenwasher.  Jagdeep also was Aimco’s board member for their investment in KIOR, they greatest thermodynamic fake to ever have an IPO.  Aimco needs to reflect long and hard as I have email after email asking them to clean up Bloom.

The country of New Zealand also is invested heavily in the BLOOMDOGGLE.  Their pension fund put in $100 million US to keep the greenwashers afloat. 

I certainly have sent Ms. Etheridge dozens of emails to inform her of the greenwashing going at Bloom and she claimed “they will monitor their investment”.  Yeah just like Delaware “monitors” the non-permitted  hazardous solid waste that accumulates in the “desulfurization tanks” and is hauled off without manifests.   All this monitoring of “good governance” has let Bloom greenwash their way to more than $59 million of gift from the poor and middle class ratepayers in Delaware to enrich Al Gore and his global green cronies.

Then we have EON the German Utility who invested in the BLOOMDOGGLE.   The Greenies from Germany plonked Euro 91.5 million into the BLOOMDOGGLE.

EON claims their “cleaner and better energy strategy” will save the planet and make them money.  EON I have news for you Bloom generates dirty, expensive, and unreliable power while EON claims they generate clean, affordable, and reliable power.

Then we have Credit Suisse investing in the BLOOMDOGGLE.

The Swiss banker that hid Nazi looted fortunes also advised Exelon in forming a strategic relationship with Bloom.  Interesting how a shareholder in Bloom can advise the other side in a transaction?  I guess they claimed Swiss Neutrality like they did in WW2???  I have to say there is a conflict of interest and Exelon shareholders should sue their company and Credit Suisse for bringing them into marketing of the BLOOMDOGGLE with all the hazardous waste and high carbon emissions.

Yeah the Swiss Banker that saw no problem in holding on to Nazi money from  1938 to 1998 is both a shareholder in Bloom, an adviser to the other side in a transaction with Bloom, and the debt provider to place Bloom Coffins at third party sites.

Yes the folks who make cheese with holes in it, aided and abetted Bloom in the BLOOMDOGGLE going back to 2011.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Bloom Energy to structure Bloom Electrons, a unique service to secure baseload electricity.  Bloom Energy has developed a technology that can transform the energy landscape and we look forward to supporting Bloom throughout its growth,” said Jerry L. Smith, managing director at Credit Suisse.

Now folks you have how international conspirators helped fleece US ratepayers and taxpayers of approximately half a billion dollars in the BLOOMDOGGLE that promised better electrons and simply delivered gangrene ones.   Greed like the electromotive force is universal.

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