Monday, November 25, 2013

Vilsack Sells Your Sugar for 2 Cents a Pound

The beat of the USDA Sugar drum goes on but the sound is only getting worse.  Obama and Vilsack sold our sugar for 2 cents a pound last week.   This was a 90% discount to market prices.  Yeah Pacific Ethanol picked up 51,500 tons of sugar for 2 cents a pound.   OBama and Vilsack have to be the worst general store owners in the history of the US.  Obama certainly gets the prize for being the absolute worst president ever but now the Prez is giving away even sweeter deals to friends.  Obama certainly has more singing skills than GW the architect of the ethanol in fuel debacle but the grand larceny in the larder is now at a pace of a sugar high!   The beet goes on so to speak. 

Here is the Wall Street Journal Article about the sugar give away by Vilsack at the USDA.

That anyone still believes the President is honest or capable is the mystery of the century.  Maybe Mitt the Twit was right 47% of Americans are lost forever.


  1. You failed to mention that the USDA was required by law (2008 Farm Bill) to buy the sugar and sell it to ethanol producers... The law was passed before Obama became President... Though President Bush vetoed the bill on two occasions, Congress overrode the veto each time... So, whatever...

  2. Hi Blair Long time no hear. You must be spending hours on the Oh Bummer Care site trying to enroll. You Oh Bummer supporters blame everything on number 43. Number 44 could not even run a lemonade stand as he would pay 21 cents a pound for sugar and give out glasses of lemonade for free like cell phones. There is a new drink in Denmark called the Oh Bummer. You have to mix it yourself. It is just sugar (free from the USDA) and bottled heavy water from Iran. The sign language interpreter was perfect he took Oh Bummer gibberish and made hand gestures that matched the words of the Man who gave us Solyndra, Fisker, A 123, Ener 1, Kior, Bloom, Zeachem, and 2 cent sugar.

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