Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hoping to Stop The Moolah For Sulfah In The Garden State

I wrote and faxed this letter today 

November 19, 2013
To State of New Jersey Board of Public Utilities – Tricia Caliguire
Via Fax 609-292-2264

Re Imposition of standby charges re distributed generation
Docket No. GO12070600

Dear All at the Board of Public Utilities

I am an award winning chemical engineer and journalist.  The National Newspapers Association awarded me and my paper (Tiburon California Ark) first prize for a serious column that exposed the Bloom Energy greenwashing boondoggle in Delaware.

I have a copy of a letter dated May 3, 2013 that Mr. Murray E. Bevan Esq. submitted to you on behalf of Bloom Energy.   That letter does not paint the complete picture of the actual real life performance of the Bloom Boxes.  In particular Bloom hid solid toxic waste that contains sulfur and that has to be periodically removed from the power generation site.  That is how they have virtually zero sulfur emissions into the air.   Additionally performance data made available under the FOIA by the Public Service Commission in Delaware show the Bloom boxes emit far more carbon dioxide per megawatt hour than Bloom claims on their website and also the boxes have a capacity factor of only 80%.

I suggest you do not allow Bloom Energy to get away with hurting the people of New Jersey as they have done in California, Delaware, and Connecticut.

Lindsay Leveen

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