Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bloom Gets Idiotic Faking Waste

I have been in discussion with the Solid Waste staff at the Delaware DNREC.   I had to give them the data I had on the Bloom permit that was issued by the DNREC as their staff could not find the data that they previously "reviewed'.  Hence  I did a data dump in multiple emails to the DE DNREC.

I then reread the paper (article) on Sulfur removal that Mr. Brockenborough the GM of Bloom Electrons submitted in his letter of January 13, 2012 that formally changed the air emissions of SO2.  Note this was a formal letter changing a formal permit application.

The paper can be found on the internet at the following link:

OK we now have Bloom formally telling the DNREC that the sorbent can hold at a maximum 3.2% sulfur and that nearly 14,400 pounds a year of SO2 (7,200 pounds a year of Sulfur) are removed in a sorbent that at most can be 3.2% sulfur by weight.   Simply multiplying 7,200 by 100 and dividing by 3.2 we get that using the best sorbent under the best conditions the minimum amount of sulfur laden sorbent will be 225,000 pounds per year.

Less than a month later Colin O’Mara the Secretary of the DNREC then issued his completeness report with the same amount of solid wastes that were in the November 2011 initial permit application that total 15,000 pounds a year for all solid wastes streams (paper, glass, metals, plastics, and E-wastes).

The January 13 Brokenbourough letter was sent to the Ali Mizakhalili Director Of The Air Division of the DE DNREC.  Colin O’Mara is in charge of all divisions Air,Water, and Land.  We will soon see if the Land Division (solid waste) can replicate my simple calculation that using the data Brockenborough the Bloom GM submitted to the DNREC almost 225,000 pounds of solid waste is unaccounted for. 

Note Colin O’Mara attended Oxford University to study environmental economics.  We shall soon see if he can do fifth grade math to determine how much solid waste is missing in his completeness report.  The only thing about that report I can think of is that Simon Cowell would call it “complete rubbish”.