Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bloom and Sulfur Particularly H2S

John a very bright mechanical engineer reads my blog regularly.  He wrote me an email after reading my blog on Sulfur in Bloom Boxes.

John pointed out that Mr. Brockenborough of Bloom was well rehearsed by the Bloom Lawyer in stating “No there is no hydrogen sulfide used or produced in the process”.   John pointed out the legal and tricky nature of the reply that even if there is H2S present in the incoming gas and is in the solid waste stream none is used or produced in the process. 

Well John I did some patent searching on Bloom and desulfurization.  

Here is a link to patent 7,422,810

Note the patent states the following:

FIG. 1 illustrates an embodiment of a desulfurizer subsystem of the first embodiment, which comprises the desulfurizer 5 and the water-gas shift reactor 7 that are thermally integrated with each other.

The desulfurizer 5 preferably comprises the catalyst, such as Co—Mo or other suitable catalysts, which produces CH4 and H2S gases from hydrogenated, sulfur containing natural gas fuel, and a sorbent bed, such as ZnO or other suitable materials, for removing the H2S gas from the fuel inlet stream. Thus, a sulfur free or reduced sulfur hydrocarbon fuel, such as methane or natural gas leaves the desulfurizer 5.”


John the way they remove all sulfur compounds is to convert these compounds H2S that can be removed on the sorbent bed.  This clearly means under their patent for sulfur removal Bloom uses and produces H2S in their fuel cell process.

 John thanks for making me do Perry Mason type chemical engineering investigation.  The Delaware Department of Justice has been asked to investigate the possibility of fraudulent claims in their permit application and Mr. Brockenborough should be investigated for possible perjury in both submitting the fraudulent permit application and then stating under oath untruths about the lack of presence of H2S in the boxes.




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