Friday, November 15, 2013

O’Mara Made Over 3.6 Tons of Sulfur Disappear and Golden Eggs Appear.

 UPDATE 11-16-13

I have done further digging and have come across an email from Lee Ann Walling (DNREC) to Kevin Coyle (DNREC) dated January 18, 2012 (2:08 pm).   The email transmits new data received from Bloom’s Consulting Engineer Mr. Rick Beringer at Duffield Associates as to revisions of the sulfur oxide in the air emissions for the Bloom project.   Mr. Beringer transmitted this data to Ms. Walling on January 13, 2012 with copy Steve Kettler (a power engineer), Shawn Tucker ( a lawyer at Drinker Biddle and Reath and former Deputy AG of DE) and Jeff Bross ( a coworker and Chairman at Duffield).

Interestingly the new data for SO2 in the revised table 1 now states the following:

SO2 Pounds per day 0.1301

SO2 Pounds per year  47

These quantities are higher than the O’Mara February 10, 2012 completeness report that are as follows:

SO2 Pounds per day 0.0372

SO2 Pounds per year 14 (0.007 tons per year)

I assume that the DNREC and the consulting environmental engineer must have had discussions to finalize the numbers that went into O’Mara’s Completeness Report to settle on the lower numbers.

Now let’s look at the body of Mr. Beringer’s email that is attached and I quote.

“Please find the attached file that contains a revised Table 1 for inclusion in the Coastal Zone Permit Application submitted by Diamond Sate Generation Partners LLC for the Red Lion Energy Center Project, in New Castle County, Delaware.  The revision affects sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions and is part of the offset proposal in the application.  The table originally submitted (dated November 2011) did not account for the desulfurization beds in the fuel cell that are intrinsic to operation of the fuel cells.  The desulfurization beds (filters) remove sulfur from the natural gas, and by doing so, virtually eliminate the formation of sulfur oxides.  Sulfur would hnder (poison) operation of the fuel cells, if it were to enter the cells.”

This is exactly what I said to you all before.  There is now another solid waste stream with poisoness, toxic and hazardous sulfur.   Bloom, Mr. Beringer, and or the staff at the DNREC did not restate the list and quantity of solid wastes.    These should have been restated, but the list and quantities remained identical to the November permit application when O’Mara’s issued his completeness report a month after Mr. Beringer's email.  The solid toxic waste was swept under the rug!   The air emissions were resolved and finalized but the solid toxic sulfur containing waste was simply ignored.

What we have to deal with now is that there certainly is toxic and hazardous solid waste that was ignored in the permit application in the coastal zone and that the customers of Delmarva are paying a massive premium for energy that simply is not green.

My investigation in to the Bloom Energy (Al Gore, Colin Powell, and John Doerr) greenwashing debacle in Delaware continues.   The story gets more amazing each stone that I turn.   In order to hide the sulfur that Bloom knew would be coming out as hazardous and toxic solid waste, Bloom stated in their permit application that their coffins would emit 0.035 pounds of sulfur dioxide (SO2) per megawatt hour (mwh).   This equals 7.21 tons per year of SO2 for the 47 mw station operating all the hours in a year.  The permit application was submitted to The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) on November 11, 2011.   The permit application also stated the amount of NOx, VOCs, and carbon monoxide in the air emissions.

In Mr. O’Mara’s completeness report dated February 10, 2012, he stated the SO2 emitted into the air was only 0.007 tons per year.  Mr. Omara made 7.203 tons of SO2 disappear in the three months between the permit application and the completeness report.  Interestingly there was no change in the quantity of NOx, VOCS, and CO between the application and the completeness report.

How did O’Mara make 7.203 tons of SO2 disappear?   I know there are resin beds to remove the sulfur before the fuel cell stack.  I know that 7.21 tons of SO2 have 3.6 tons of sulfur.  I know that if the Bloom Coffins saw 3.6 tons of sulfur entering their fuel cell stacks in a year the stacks would be poisoned in less than a month. I know from the Bloom patent they remove H2S on the resin beds and that 3.6 tons a year of sulfur is 3.83 tons a year of H2S.  That is how Mr. O’Mara made the 7.203 tons of SO2 disappear.   He let Bloom fix their stack air emissions but then simply rubber stamped their solid waste data that purposely hid the toxic and hazardous solid waste containing sulfur.

The crime in Delaware now goes beyond Bloom lying in their permit application, it now includes the secretary and the staff of the DNREC colluding with Bloom to hide the sulfur containing solid waste such that the project could continue with all due speed to extract $30 million a year in ill-gotten subsidies from the poor and middle class to Bloom’s shareholders.

The Delaware Department of Justice must investigate Bloom and its officers and directors for fraud and they must investigate O’Mara and his staff for collusion in the permitting process.   It does not matter who owns Bloom Energy, who sits on their board of directors, or who are their friends in the White House or Congress, what now matters is for Joe Biden Junior the Attorney General of Delaware and son of the US Vice President to investigate fraud by Bloom and dereliction of duty by state employees.  Bloom and O’Mara are rotten hens that lay 3.8 tons a year of rotten eggs while costing Delmarva customers an extra $30 million a year.  At that price a pound of rotten eggs cost $3,947.  A dozen Jumbo sized eggs weigh about 2 pounds.  Therefore O’Mara and Bloom are selling a dozen eggs for $1,974.  These sure are rotten golden eggs.