Monday, November 11, 2013

Imagine Rose Energy

This is fiction but is the mirror image of reality.  

  • Imagine that Dick Cheney, Mitt Romney and Paul Wolfowitz decide they will start a business called Rose Energy.  
  • Imagine that they know they have a dog of a technology but they can convince a naïve and corrupted government they have a green technology. 
  • Imagine they know the producers of 60 minutes and get to launch their canine company with great fanfare on 60 minutes.  
  • Imagine they get the State of Delaware to sign up for 20 years of contracted power supply at three times the real value of their power.  
  • Imagine they get the federal government to pay for 30% of each installation.  
  • Imagine they get the State of California to dole up 40% of the cost of each installation from a fund that was intended for wind and solar energy.
  • Imagine they take over 20% of the solar and wind fund in California.
  • Imagine they get AT&T, EBay, Coca Cola, Walmart, Target Stores, Macy’s, Apple, Google and myriad other massive companies to sign on to their scheme that they are green.
  • Imagine that in the guts of the device there is a desulfurizer that extracts toxic hydrogen sulfide from the fuel and then has to be disposed of as hazardous solid waste.
  • Imagine they never disclose the presence of the toxic solid waste.
  • Imagine the Rose Coffin belches out copious amounts of greenhouse gases (CO2 and VOcs).
  • Imagine the device cannot perform at the stated capacity factor
  • Imagine that the device was rejected by a transportation authority for being too expensive.
  • Then imagine how the mainstream press would cover the story as front page news.  Anderson Cooper would “keep them honest”.

Now imagine that Dick Cheney is Al Gore, Mitt Romney is John Doerr, and Paul Wolfowitz is Colin Powell and you have the real picture.   Our country is a mess, the left is the mirror image of the right.   Clowns to the left of me Jokers to Right.  Imagine All These People Sharing All The Loot.

Now imagine thermodynamic truth.  That is you can fuel some of the people some of the time but you cannot fuel all of the people all of the time.  No need to imagine that the Bloom Coffin is expensive, polluting, inefficient, unreliable, and toxic.  It is all of the above even if they lie that it is not.    

Sixty Minutes apologized for their incorrect reporting on the British guy in Benghazi.   Leslie Stahl should beg for our forgiveness for helping launch the Bloom Coffin with such fanfare.  The harm done by that show and Bloom’s greenwashing lies has caused almost a billion dollars or loss to the people, caused many tons of CO2 and VOC emissions in our air, and many tons of solid toxic and hazardous solid waste.   A Brit lying about heroically scaling a wall in Benghazi is small potatoes compared to the General Manager of Bloom lying under oath that his Coffin has no hydrogen sulfide.  Leslie Stahl should report that a former Vice President and a former Secretary of State of the United States pocketed millions from the lie she helped spread.

I just imagine that I have a representative in my house of representatives who actually represents me.  I imagine a government for, of and by the people.  I imagine a Department of Energy where thermodynamics rules.  I imagine Bloomgate sending Al Gore and Colin Powell packing.  I imagine the people of California getting their quarter of a billion dollars back and the power purchase agreement in Delaware voided.  I imagine John Doerr sitting on a pile of sulfur waste not a pile of dough.  And I imagine a free press that actually has some open eyed reporters who have not been hoodwinked.   Wow I imagine what the United States should be. 

 Happy Veterans Days!  Let’s fight for a more perfect union and that the living do not live in vain and that we do live in freedom.  The Rose shall wither but with proper and honest reflection we shall endure.