Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fisker Flop Bloom Boondoggle

Al Gore’s car company Fisker has finally done its flop.  The US DOE (us) will lose $139 million in the deal that takes the gangrene company into bankruptcy.

Fisker is the sister company to Bloom Energy and was brought to you by the same sponsors of Al Gore, John Doerr, and Colin Powell.   These three gangrene robbing hoods are now facing thermodynamic reality for the greenwashing Bloom did in Delaware, California, Connecticut, New Jersey, North Carolina, Utah and elsewhere.  

The Delaware permitting process continues to yield more evidence of lying by Bloom and its General Manager.   I now have a letter from the General Manager, Mr. Brockenborough, to the DNREC dated January 13,2012 that discusses the removal of sulfur in a sorbent bed (filter).  In fact that letter had an article on the removal of sulfur from natural gas in fuel cells and that article discusses the nature of the sulfur being thiols and sulfides.

The DNREC has told me in an email that no manifests for sulfur wastes have ever been submitted by Bloom to the DNREC.  I now have the DNREC staff investigating whether Thiols and Sulfides are considered hazardous if trapped on a sorbent.   Of course I know they are hazardous waste but we  are connecting all the dots of sulfur.

I also received the requirements for the operating permit at the second smaller site in Delaware, Bloom’s Brookside site.  The Operational Limitations Section 3 of the permit and in particular Paragraph 3.1.3 Total Hourly natural gas fuel consumption shall not exceed 0.019 MMFt3 per hour.

Well this was based on the 3 mw of boxes (15 of them) operating at the Bloom’s fake efficiency that over claims greenness of the coffins.  From the FOIA data from the DE PSC I have the actual 8 month average of the natural flow for 3 mw and this is 0.021 MMFT3 per hour a flow that exceeds the Operational Limitations of the permit.   Naturally I have asked the DNREC to enforce the limitations and shut the Brookside plant down.

The same section 3 of the same permit also deals with sulfur.
3.1.6 The desulfurization beds (filters) shall be operated and maintained according to manufacturer's recommendations and good engineering practices to ensure that the rate of removal of sulfur  from the fuel cells does not result in in emissions that are in excess of the rate contained in Condition 2.1.4 of this permit.

5.2.3 states Documentations that the desulfurization beds (filters) are  operated and maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and good engineering practices.

Wow we know there is sulfur removal but there are no manifests for sulfur waste.   Al Gore is great at inventing stuff and will soon claim he made E-waste out of the sulfur.  Truthfully Bloom is in big trouble there in Delaware.

If Delaware shuts down the Bloom power generation operations in Delaware that not only lied in the permit application but now are lying in their operation, Bloom could join the ugly Fisker sister in bankruptcy.   Al Gore has the skin of an elephants and will still appear on Charlie Rose making statements about how he saves the world from oy-yil and car-bon.  He will use a power point slide to show that the sixteenth element of the periodic table when bonded with cadmium exhibits semiconducting properties and can be used in solar cells.   Yes Al cadmium sulfide which is very toxic can be considered as e-waste.  Unfortunately the Bloom coffins do not have cadmium sulfide.  Also Al cadmium sulfide is yellow not green.


  1. Lindsay
    Your photograph is meaningful for the article. The clarity you bring to the thermodynamics of how things are not working, makes it clear to me that the "BLOOM BOX" has severe problems.

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    2. Graham hit the wrong button and deleted what I meant to say that I am glad you now get how corrupt this company is. It goes all the way to the board of directors including the two independent directors and the one who represents the Province of Alberta Canada. If a company pays Mexican welders sun minimum wages in Pesos for working in the Silicon Valley one really knows the culture that permeates this rotten egg

  2. the punch line at the end...



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