Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Trickle Down Trickle Charge For Electric Vehicles

UPDATE 12:17 pm  Fisker landlord files suit for rent for the HQ in California!!!!   Governor Markell of Delaware is still paying the electric bill for the empty factory in Delaware.  Al Jazeera Gore is missing and for once his big pie hole is quiet!!!!

Slow charging of the exorbitantly expensive batteries in an Electric Vehicle is always better for battery life.   Mr. David Stockman who ran President Reagan’s budget office almost three decades ago accused his boss of performing “Trickle Down Economics”.   Read this link on the trickle down story in supply side economics.

I like David Stockman and he actually has guts as well as brains.  Mr. Stockman stuck it to Obama and his cronies in a book he recently published.  He also had some really sage advice on electric cars.  In an op ed titled Green Vanities of the Billionaires that he wrote on Minyanville linked below he said:
“Given the $100,000 price tag for these vehicles, however, the story is not really about any hardship suffered by the credulous buyers of the Fisker Karma. The actual hardship will soon fall on the taxpayers because the underlying deal stinks to high heaven. It seems that Silicon Valley’s leading venture capital firm had a failing auto start-up and Vice President Joe Biden had a failed GM (NYSE:GM) auto plant in his home state of Delaware. Kleiner Perkins’s chief green energy maven and major Obama fund-raiser, John Doerr, therefore arranged a deal.”

“In return for the aforementioned $530 million from Uncle Sam, John Doerr and his purportedly Republican partner Ray Lane would present a new business plan to Henrik Fisker, the intrepid designer-entrepreneur behind their start-up auto company. Flush with vast new money from Washington, the struggling Fisker Automotive would develop a second version of its electric vehicle—a “people’s car” that could retail for a mere $50,000—and build it in Joe Biden’s empty auto plant.”
On Tesla he goes on to say:

“It goes without saying that Tesla would have been Chapter 11 bait years ago without the $465 million federal loan, and will likely end up there anyway. Yet the question recurs as to why the public purse was opened to this scam in the first place. After all, the S Model has turned out to be a high-end luxury sports sedan which will retail with normal customer options for at least $75,000. Like all EVs, its environmental benefits are dubious at best. Unlike most of its more stodgy competitors, however, it does accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds.”

I guess Stockman reads the green machine or also studied real stuff at University.  Well done Mr. Stockman.  You stuck it to these well connected greedy gangrene gringos.  As for Obama he is scratching his head and now has splinters in his finger nails.  When it comes to energy policy Obama is wood-headed but maybe KIOR can turn this into diesel?  But the rate at which the diesel will be produced will be far slower than a trickle. It will be a drip.  In England a drip is a boring person without strong character.  A few of these drips have dropped on DC.

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