Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Complex At Work

KIOR the company Condi Rice hyped a few weeks back as having made cellulosic transportation fuels a “reality” is now trading at $4.24.  That is down a third since Condi made her bold and incorrect statement in the company’s press release on March 18.

Her exact words in the press release were:  "KiOR is changing the American energy equation by innovating and commercializing an entirely new generation of hydrocarbon-based diesel and gasoline fuel. By making the promise of cellulosic fuels a reality, KiOR demonstrates that these fuels are an attractive option for lessening America's dependence on foreign sources of energy." 

KIOR will soon be asking Vinod Khosla and the State of Mississippi  to cough up more dough to continue their folly of making diesel from pine trees.  Another company I blogged about, Zeachem, that made vinegar from poplar wood and then ethanol from the vinegar could not get a bridge loan and had to furlough workers in Oregon at its pretend “demonstration” plant the US Government funded with tax payer money.  Read the link below on this failure.

 My favorite auto company, Al Gore’s Fisker, is on its last legs and has reportedly hired a bankruptcy attorney.   Read how Al Gore’s company was a darling of the DOE and is now close to reading Chapter 11 of the book on Obamanomics in the link below.

 Tesla will allow its customer to pay as you go with a new loan program to get the car with little down.  They abandoned any plans for the $50,000 people’s EV that Chu was promised when he forked over a half billion dollars to the upscale car company.  So now the rich and famous can drive a government funded car with little down as the government funded banks are willing make loans on the cars that Elon will guarantee the residual value of after three years of pretend ownership.
Read the link below on the pay as you go program.

The gangrene crowd are losing tree limbs everywhere yet we continue to have hope and lean forward.  No doubt the DOE has not gone back to Tesla and demanded the half billion back on the basis that it was given to the company to produce a “people’s EV”.  No the DOE will say the 85 kwh $100,000 model S now available on a hybrid lease/loan was always the cornerstone of the Obama policy to green up America.  So what if Elon is hogging the lithium for the 0.01%.  As for Fisker Al Gore has not put his money where his big mouth is so at least Elon is a little greener than Al Jazeera Gore.   I still am dreaming of the government turning vinegar into wine from poplar trees  in Oregon and Condi discovering the vast quantities of lost weapons of mass combustion that were once pine trees in Mississippi.

Folks I am not making this up.  This is all real and is the workings of the Complex.