Saturday, April 6, 2013

Republican Response To Fisker

To be fair and balanced, Hank The Electron In The Tank Paulson has laid off his production workers in Benicia California who were there to put the finishing touches on the Chinese made Electric Vehicle the Coda.

I said many a time that Coda was Coda Blue and heading toward a flat line.  Benicia was once the capital city of California for 13 months in 1853 and 1854 and now Benicia has seen Coda come and go in also approximately 13 months.  The first Coda was rolled out in March 2012 and the factory was shut in February 2013. 

Wow something big happens in Benicia for about year in every 160 years.  The poor Benicians will have to wait till 2173 for their next bit of excitement.  Here is a link to the news report from the Benicia Herald that heralded the arrival and lamented the departure of Coda.

It is ironic that the largest employer in Benicia remains the Valero oil refinery with 516 workers and the employment in EV production is now zero.  Neither Al Jazeera Gore nor Hank The Electron Tank Paulson will ever come to Benicia.  They have found other greener places to exploit.

Benicia is a “Tree City” so perhaps they can make bio fuel from the trees and invite Kior or Zeachem to locate in the now empty Coda plant.  Or better still they can increase the size of the Valero refinery and get some of those good paying manufacturing jobs Obama promised.  When Chu gets back to Stanford he may want to visit Benicia and take in the old state capitol and the Coda plant.

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