Monday, April 8, 2013

DOE Spokesperson Makes 35% equal 300%

A low level grunt at the DOE was used as the “Susan Rice” spokesperson to deal with the DOE’s ranking if and when Fisker goes bankrupt.    Bloomberg reported in an article in the following link:

The DOE grunt made the following statements per Bloomberg:

Aoife McCarthy, an Energy Department spokeswoman, declined to say where the agency would rank among creditors should Fisker file for bankruptcy.

“While this is a difficult time for Fisker’s employees, the long-term future of America’s growing electric vehicle industry is bright -- and the Energy Department’s portfolio of investments in this industry is performing well,” she said in an e-mail. “Sales of electric vehicles tripled last year, and we just can’t afford to sit on the sidelines in the global race to capture this rapidly expanding market.”

Well Ms. McCarthy is the Charlie McCarthy of Obama’s department of energy.  Some high up pulls the strings of this puppet and she utters that “sales of electric vehicles tripled last year”.  This is absolutely incorrect.  Perhaps sales of plug in hybrids and electric vehicles tripled thanks primarily to the discounting of the Chev Volt and the giveaways of money by the US and state governments.  Pure electric vehicles that were sold in 2012 include the following models.  The Nissan Leaf, the Mitsubishi iev, The Honda Fit, The Toyota RAV, The Ford Focus, The Coda, and the Tesla Model S.  Total sales of these EVs were 14,539 in 2012. 

In 2011 four EVs were available.  The Nissan Leaf, the Tesla Roadster, the Mitsubishi iev, and the Ford Focus.   2011 total sales of these vehicles equaled 10,672 units.  Therefore the increase in sales of EVs in 2012 over 2011 was only 35% not the 300% Ms. McCarthy claimed.

But the DOE was happy to put this ill-informed “Susan Rice” type spokesperson out there to fend off the questions about Al Jazeera Gore’s car company Fisker that is about to fail.  Ray Lane, Al Gore’s partner at Kleiner Perkins, resigned as Chairman of Hewlett Packard so he can devote full time to keep the spin on the wheels of Fisker going.  It is time for Dr. Chu and Mr. Obama to answer what happened and Fisker, A 123, Ener 1, Solyndra, and other rather than have a puppet named McCarthy tell us the DOE’s portfolio of investments is performing well. 

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