Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fisker Congressional Hearings

A watershed day today as Rep. Jordan of Ohio chaired the hearings about Fisker and the DOE loans.   The hearings were broadcast via a live feed and I watched most of the day long event.   The hearings will be a prelude to other hearings with far larger fish to fry on an all electric skillet.  In fact the next hearing may even have an electric chair.

I think the next hearings will bring in the two Kleiner Perkins professional VCs - John Doerr and Ray Lane.  Doerr is Mr. Obama's big friend and was host to the Silicon Valley dinner with the late Steve Jobs and other big players.  Ray Lane is the fired ex chairman of Hewlett Packard.   KInd of big fish but there are two other even bigger fish who have KP duty.  Note in the army KP duty is the messy job of being in the kitchen.

The two KP duty guys are Al Jazeera Gore and Colin Powell who advise KP.  Together with Doerr and Lane the four of them are horsemen of the green apocalypse.  The humorous part of today's hearing was when the ranking Democrat read from a news paper article about the Romney campaign about Romney getting four Pinocchios.    If the four horsemen appear the noses will go all the way from the Capital up to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Here is the email I wrote to Rep. Jordan's staff member Mr. Dilley after I watched the hearing.

jared.dilley <>
Sent: Wed, Apr 24, 2013 3:13 pm
Subject: Re: Fisker Hearings

Mr. Dilley

I watched the entire streaming video of the hearing.  Good job by Rep. Jordan.

All the members missed the point that the loan of $1.4 billion to Nissan for the battery and Leaf plant in Smyrna TN is not a stellar success.  Very few batteries have been produced and very few leafs have been sold.  The Leaf is not a great marketing success.  Nor has Ford sold many vehicles with lithium ion batteries and the plug in Fords have been dismal sellers.

Tesla is not a great success from the DOE (tax payer) point of view.  DOE was promised a $50,000 people's EV with 40 kwh of batteries.  This model has been abandoned.  The Model X is now further delayed and only the super wealthy are buying Tesla Model S cars.

For three years I have been saying that Kleiner Perkins (Gore, Lane, Doerr, and Powell) yes Colin Powell are the folks behind this mess.  Powell needs to be added to the statements about KP.  I hope the Congressman can get the Four folks from KP at the next hearing.  Maybe start with Doerr and Lane and then bring in the two former US officials.  I liked the part about Four Pinocchios.  These other four are Horsemen.

Also the Two Europeans were a bit dumbfounded at some of the humor.  I cant wait till the Qatari board member of Fisker is a witness.  

I got to say I loved the show.


Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine

Here is how Reuters reported on the hearing
here is a fox news link

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