Thursday, April 4, 2013

KIOR at 4 Oh 4 On 4 4

KIOR the dog of a company Condi hyped and Vinod took public closed today 4-4-13 at $4.04.   Well done Condi you spoke and people fled the stock since March 18.  In China the number 4 is a synonym for the word death.  Well 4 Oh 4 is triple death.  Two fours and an absolute zero.  Once again the laws of thermodynamics prevail over former secretaries of state like Condi and Colin who sit on the boards of gangrene companies.

These two former secretaries of state have red on their hands for the nonsense they communicated about weapons of mass destruction.  They now have green in their hands from the money they received from greedy VCs who wanted their "advice".    Where I come from advice means knowledge and these two thermodynamic neophytes know bupkis about entropy and enthalpy.  Here is the wiki link to what bupkis means.

Bupkis means absolutely nothing.  And in thermodynamics entropy reaches a constant minimum as temperature approaches absolutely zero.  When KIOR follows A 123  (now B 456) into the eleventh chapter they can change their name to Bupkis.

A new fourth law of thermodynamics is written as follows:  "When a former secretary of state provides thermodynamic advice to a venture capitalist, the advice is worth Bupkis particularly when there were zero weapons of mass combustion to be found even though the former secretary of state claimed the absolute existence of such weapons and went as far to engage in war that resulted in a  mess in oh potamia"

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