Sunday, February 10, 2013

New York Times Reports On Tesla Problems

Fifteen months after the Green Machine reported right here on GreenExplored that electric vehicles would have a terrible reduction in range while travelling in the harsh North American winter, the darling of the left and the ardent Al Jazeera Gore supporter, the New York Times, broke a story yesterday of the hassles of driving a Tesla Model S in the North East.

Here are my blogs for 15 months ago on the subject.  Here is the New York Times article.

I quote from my blogs:

“Wow the poor Canadian in Winnipeg driving a Non Maple Leaf will never reach an interior temperature of 20 degrees C or 68 degrees F> The equilibrium inside temperature reached with it being -10 degrees C (14 degrees F) outside is only -4 degrees C (24 degrees F). The pile of junk cannot be driven unless of course the driver is willing to die of frostbite.” 


“Tesla continues to prevaricate on their website as to the range of the Model S. They fib about the pile of junk attaining a range of 160 miles when traveling at 55 miles per hour. Yeah this may be the case on a perfectly level and straight road at night when the prevailing temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. With no heater or air conditioning and no braking or acceleration the pile of junk will yield a range of 160 miles using its 40 kilowatt hours of stored energy. I opined a while back that a motorist in upstate New York dealing with an outside temperature of only 14 degrees Farenheit and driving an electric car, they had better be wearing some Northface clothing to not die of exposure when their cab does not warm up over freezing point.

I quote from the New York Times that is fifteen months late in reporting the news:
“I began following Tesla’s range-maximization guidelines, which meant dispensing with such battery-draining amenities as warming the cabin and keeping up with traffic. I turned the climate control to low — the temperature was still in the 30s — and planted myself in the far right lane with the cruise control set at 54 miles per hour (the speed limit is 65). Buicks and 18-wheelers flew past, their drivers staring at the nail-polish-red wondercar with California dealer plates.

I hope that in the next 15 months the New York Times will report on the corruption in Delaware that involves Bloom Energy.  As the Green Machine says “some are green most are gangrene”.


  1. Lindsay... Thanks for the link to the article and great job on the calcs, but the driver was an idiot... He wanted to "run out of juice" to have a "juicy" story... First, he didn't bother to get a few more electrons when he stopped in Manhattan... Lack of a Supercharger notwithstanding... Second, he didn't fully charge the car while he SLEPT in Groton which certainly would have been the normal, standard thing to do with any electric car... Had he performed those two simple acts, he would have easily and comfortably made the 581-mile trip without incident adding 1-1/2 hours for charging to the approx. 9 hours on the road... The Model S is not for poor folks or dumb folks but neither is a Ferrari...

    1. Hi Blair. The Farrari did not get half a billion of your money so it need not be the people's car. Tesla did get half a bil of Oh Bummer care and needs to rapidly produce the people's electric car or simply have Goldman Sachs who bailed them out when they were bankrupt on September 29 2011 pay the feds back the half bil. I will try contact the driver and tell him that he should have sipped some Manhattans and should have recharged in Groton. Perhaps you can contact your buddy Colin Powell and ask him why Bloom is so corrupt and mistreats Mexican Welders? Also try Contact Elon Mouseketeer and tell him he stole your Supercharger Idea.

  2. That should be September 29 2012 when TSLA had negative working capital and net equity