Monday, February 18, 2013

Fisker May Become Geely But Gimme Golf Comes First

Fisker the brainchild of the Greedy Gore may well become part of Geely the leading Chinese automotive group.   Gore will then not be called  Ding Dong Gore but will be referred to as Oil Jazeera Gimme Geely Gore.

It is Presidents’ Day today and thank God Al did not become a president.  The hanging chad saved us from that.   Actually I may be completely wrong.  Had Al been president number 43 we may never have had Fisker and Bloom Energy.  We certainly would not have had his crappy book the Convenient Untruth.  I blame the current gangrene state of the country on Florida and elderly voters who messed up their votes. 

But we can’t change that. We are stuck with an Ex Vice President who continues to make green out of green.  The San Francisco Chronicle loves the guy.  Read this interview from yesterday where they let the man who swallowed Qatari Orson Oil Wells bask in his glory.  Reading this article made me sick to my stomach.

In his new book Alaric The Second - King of the Visigores states: "Human civilization has reached a fork in the road we have long traveled," he writes. "One of two paths must be chosen."  Well Big Al let’s all take the future path that obeys the laws of thermodynamics and not travel the path of Fisker, Bloom Energy, Amyris, and the other gangrene junk that you have thrust upon us in the name making green out of green for you and your VC friends.

President number 44 is playing golf in Florida.  The weather reports from Florida are that there is a deep freeze in the sunshine state.  I think it is befitting that in the midst of all this global warming, the President play golf in a fleece lined jacket.  No doubt the President’s golf cart is battery powered.  Probably lead acid batteries not lithium ion as the secret service is worried about the safety of the Chief. 

The price of gasoline has gone up every day over the past five weeks.  No doubt that the President is not happy with the news that the average Yank is paying $3.79 a gallon for gas in the tank.  Yeah the President has a limo that gets 7 miles to the gallon but why should President Obama worry he does not have to foot the bill for Air Force One or Limo One he simply issues more debt that the Chinese buy. 

The Chinese are welcome to buy Fisker but I think on Presidents’ day Obama should ask Geely to pay back the hundreds of millions of dollars he and Chu gave Al’s company.  Obama can do this at the 19th hole while he counts his score for the round of golf he had with Tiger.   Hold on it was reported by the golf channel that the President went 27 holes on Sunday so he actually had to call Al at the 28th hole.  Tiger only played 18 holes.  

This proves that either the President loves golf 50% more than Tiger or perhaps that Tiger got exhausted by playing with the left hander who always demanded gimme puts.  I would love to witness a round of golf with Boehner and Obama playing together.  The caddies would be very busy searching for balls in the rough on both sides of the fairway.

On hearing Obama played 27 holes, John Sununu told Fox News I told you that the President was lazy.  I disagree 27 holes of golf is hard work and exhausting.  And no those are not solid gold cleats in the sole of the President's Footjoys.