Friday, February 1, 2013

Chu Resigns - God Bless America !!!!!

The good news of the day is that Steven Chu has resigned his post as Secretary of Energy.    He should have been fired or impeached a year ago.  Chu the Nobel Prize winner in physics broke every law of thermodynamics in performing his job as the gangrene lackey of President Obama.   He knew far better than the crap he supported with tax payer money.  He knew the projects and the companies had flawed science and business plans yet he doled out billions simply because his boss told him to do so.

Chu has the spine of an earthworm and he has the managerial capability of Doc Prothro the manager of the Phillies between 1939 and 1941 who guided his team to a 138 and 320 record.     Interesting the worst manager in baseball history was called Doc Prothro who could not get his pitchers to throw like a pro and the worst Secretary of Energy in is Doc Chu who could not get his train to leave the station with a  burning platform.

Chu’s boss is really the person to blame.  The Apologist In Chief as Hannity calls him continues the cover up of his failed energy policies while accepting Chu’s resignation.    Obama is quoted as saying “Thanks to Steve, we also expanded support for our brightest engineers and entrepreneurs as they pursue groundbreaking innovations that could transform our energy future,”

Obama what planet are you on?  The “entrepreneurs” are your bundlers and your old pal Al Jazeera Gore.  You gave his Fisker Fiasco our money.  You gave Solyndra and your bundler our money.   Thankfully Chu is out and back to screwing up the management and research at the University of California or some other academic institution he will mess up completely.

Obama also credited Chu with temporarily plugging the BP oil spill with advice on a design Chu and his team devised.  This is pure poppycock and about as real that El Qaeda is decimated.    I probable can claim that BP had used my advice as much as Chu’s advice.  Note I blogged about the BP spill on May 15, 2010 and analyzed the temporary fix with a cap and mile long thin diameter pipe.  We all know that the much oil still leaked from the temporary fix.    What is really interesting in my May 2010 blog is that I foretold that A 123 would go bust and the money Chu was giving this now failed battery company would be wasted.
Quoting from my blog of that day:  “The $249 million given by the US Government to A-One is going to be lost just like the 5,000 to 70,000 barrels a day of oil that are spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. The department of entropy will make a statement that the $249 million is tiny compared to the ten trillion dollars sea of debt the US is drowning under.”

Obama your man Chu was a spineless, worthless, and incompetent secretary of Energy.  The record shows that I could have served the US better than your choice of Stevie Wonder.    My blogs pointed to the chaos and disorder that has prevailed at the department of entropy.  Mr. President you can believe Al Qaeda is decimated, you can believe Chuck Hagel is a good choice for Secretary of Defense, you can believe Benghazi was caused by a video, you can believe all our economic woes are George Bush’s fault, but don’t feed us pure nonsense that Chu provided the temporary design to lessen the amount of oil BP spilled in the Gulf.

Thank God the Chu Chu train is finally being hauled out of the station with the burning platform.  The train should be hauled to some abandoned railroad siding or put on the track of the California High Speed Rail to nowhere. 



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