Saturday, February 9, 2013

Condi Rice Swings Left

I hope Condi is not following in Colin’s footsteps by  veering fully left.  She and old Col were equally dumb founded about weapons of mass combustion.  They are both on the boards of directors of gangrene green companies.  Col is on Bloom Energy’s board and Condi is on KIOR’s board.

Condi hooked left at the Pebble Beach Pro Am Golf Tournament and hit a lady in the face who was in the gallery.   No doubt Condi wanted to drive straight and not join old Col by giving up on the GOP but she sure did a left hook and caused some severe damage to the nose of the spectator.

I have blogged about KIOR and their claims of making diesel out pine trees.  Their stock continues to languish even with the support of darling of the left leaning main stream media the New York Times.  KIOR has delayed its financial reporting for the fourth quarter of 2012 till the last week in March.  This is probably because they have not been able to make much diesel out of the pine trees that have been clear cut on the surrounding lands in Mississippi.

Col on the other hand has been contrite after the news broke this week that his Bloom Energy underpaid Mexican Welders they “employed” illegally in Silicon Valley to work on the Bloom Boxes.  Yeah Bloom told the San Jose Mercury News the following yesterday.

In a brief statement, the company said: "Bloom Energy cooperated and participated fully with the Department of Labor's investigation during which it was found that 14 workers in our Sunnyvale plant were not paid properly. This is inconsistent with our culture and values. It was the result of a breakdown in our internal processes."

The statement added: "We take full responsibility for this and have paid back wages, damages and fines ... Furthermore, we are correcting and strengthening our internal processes to ensure that this does not occur again."

OK Col paying workers $2.66 an hour in Pesos is inconsistent with your “culture and values” so how about telling us the truth about the emissions from your boxes and how Bloom Energy pulled every political string known to man to get the power purchase agreement in Delaware for the 235 dirty, expensive and inefficient Bloom Boxes that will be placed in the coastal zone of that politically corrupt state?   The location of the Bloom Power Station in the First State is within an area that is Zoned S for Suburban with specific zoning law exclusion of any power generation stations. 

The Boxes will generate over 5 tons a year of toxic solid waste.  The power from the boxes will be force purchased by the residents of Delaware at a price that is three times as expensive as power from a combined cycle power station.  The state government in Delaware has mandated that the pipeline natural gas that the boxes use actually "qualifies" for the renewable mandate.  Yes Governor Markell actually can turn shale derived natural gas into a renewable fuel by the stroke of a pen when it comes to helping his friend Oil Jazeera Gore.

Perhaps it is time for Bloom Energy to strengthen their “internal processes” so they do not make false claims as to the efficiency of their bloom boxes that simply do not achieve “over 60% efficiency” as was claimed by one of their senior engineers in a video interview on the NASDAQ site.

Perhaps Bloom Energy should strengthen their “internal process” when their senior manager in Delaware claimed under oath that the boxes do not contain Hydrogen Sulfide, yet the company asked the State of California for training funds to train workers on how to handle hazardous materials and more specifically Hydrogen Sulfide.

Perhaps Bloom Energy should strengthen their “internal process” when their web site still claims 773 pounds of CO2 emissions per megawatt hour of power generated and their permit application in Delaware submitted under penalty of perjury states that the CO2 emission are 884 pounds per megawatt hour.

I suggest that Colin Powell as an “independent” board member of Bloom Energy and as the Strategic Adviser to Kleiner Perkins the major investor in Bloom really takes a good look at the “internal processes” of this corrupt and gangrene company.  Paying 14 Mexican welders $2.66 an hour was not inconsistent with Bloom’s “culture and values”.   

This company launched on 60 Minutes by Leslie Stahl and connected at hip to the Governor of Delaware and the White House has a culture of sheer thermodynamic corruption.  Yes the White House is tied to Bloom.  The President had his famous Silicon Valley Dinner with the late Steve Jobs at the home of John Doerr, the Kleiner Perkins man who also sits on the board of directors of Bloom with his close adviser Colin.

I suggest my name sake Lindsey Graham start investigating what role Joe Biden played in bringing Bloom to Delaware.  We know Joe had a big hand in bringing Bloom’s sister company Fisker to the First State.  Perhaps Lindsey can find out if Joe Biden helped Governor Magic Markell think through how natural gas from shale in neighboring Pennsylvania can qualify as a renewable resource.  The “culture and values” of Bloom mirror the culture and values of the governments of Delaware and these United States.

The President can choose to spend 30 minutes out of 8 long hours caring for our fellow citizens while our post in Benghazi was being attacked.  The Governor of Delaware can turn a suburban coastal zone into a power station using “renewable” shale gas.  Al Gore can sell his network to Oil Jazeera and say it is good for free speech and preventing global warming.  But Condi swinging left is just too much for me to handle.