Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bloom Energy Screws Mexican Workers

The dirty, inefficient, and expensive Bloom Energy is at their criminal dealings again.  This time they only paid imported Mexican workers $2.66 an hour.  The San Jose Mercury News reports as follows: 

SUNNYVALE -- A prominent Silicon Valley clean-energy startup has been ordered to pay back wages and penalties for bringing in workers from Mexico and paying them about $2.66 an hour in pesos, the U.S. Department of Labor announced Tuesday.
Sunnyvale-based Bloom Energy, which makes fuel cells and sells energy to clients including AT&T, Adobe, Coca-Cola, eBay, Google and Wal-Mart, was ordered by a judge to pay $31,922 in back wages and an equal amount in damages to 14 welders who were brought in to work alongside domestic workers refurbishing power generators.

Yeah Colin Powell sits on the board of directors of this company.  Al Jazeera Gore is an investor through Kleiner Perkins.  The Federal government gives a 30% tax credit to owners that install the Bloom Boxes and the State of California doles out tons of money to train Bloom Box operators to handle toxic waste produced in the boxes. 

While Chu and his friends at the Department of Entropy were touting the wonders of the Bloom, Bechtel the DOE contractor at the Hanford Nuclear site was screwing up that project in royal fashion.  The New York Times reports that: “By just about any definition,” the auditing agency says, “Hanford has not been a well-planned, well-managed or well-executed major capital construction project.”

Chu was too busy trying to invent CIGS PV systems, Lithium Ion Batteries, and solar thermal projects like Ivanpah that Bechtel will make more bundles of dough out of our tax dollars.  Folks the whole system is broken.  Colin Powell tells the GOP to be kind to Hispanics yet he screws them over as “employees” of his thermodynamic fake out Bloom Energy.  Obama applauds the accomplishments of Chu yet Bechtel screws the DOE royally at Hanford.

One could not make up the corruption that is happening in the name of green and clean.  I still think Chu should be impeached for utter incompetence at best or for willfully destroying the DOE as a functioning organization.

Colin Powell appeared on Bill O’Reilly was asked about John Sununu comments on the President being “lazy” and stated the following:  Powell said he doesn’t believe Sununu is a racist. However, he said, “You have to understand the impact this has on minorities throughout our country; and if you want to appeal to these people, if you want to bring them to the Republican Party and give them a reason to vote Republican, you have to avoid this kind of language which can infuriate people.”

Col “if you want to appeal to these people” paying them a fair wage and not screwing them would be a good start.  Col you are about as hypocritical as Oil Gore and I suggest you stick your head inside a Bloom Box and inspect the welding job $2.66 an hour brought you.  Better still roll up your sleeves and help the operators remove the toxic and hazardous waste that accumulates in your gangrene fool cell we the tax payers subsidize.

By the way I do not think the President is “lazy” he is just bloody useless.  Also Chu should be informed that the Sununu is not a new solar technology that beats silicon, else he will simply “invest” billions in Sununu.





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