Monday, February 11, 2013

Elon Musk Accuses The New York Times of Faking It

Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla told CNBC that the New York Times reporter faked the poor range of the Tesla Model S in the winter test drive.  He also claimed the reporter for the New York Times article “setup” Tesla for the faked report.    Musk is very quick to accuse others of faking it or setting up his company for failure.

Musk also claimed in the CNBC interview today that he prevailed in the case Tesla had against the BBC (Top Gear) and that the BBC was wrong.  He also claimed today that the BBC “faked” the test of the Tesla Roadster a few years back.  The actual outcome of that case that Tesla filed against the BBC was that it was thrown out of court and had no basis.

Elon you are the faker who claims to worry about global warming.  You told Charlie Rose how much you care for the planet.  Yet you hog the lithium for your rich friends and pollute the planet in doing so.  You faked it when you told Obama and Chu you will produce the $50,000 people’s electric vehicle.   You faked it when you ran away from South Africa to avoid “going to the army”. 

In your interview today on CNBC you said the NYT reporter’s detour to Manhattan caused the range reduction.  Your knowledge of thermodynamics is fake and deranged.  The EPA states that the Model S gets 88 MPG equivalent in the city and 90 MPG equivalent on the highway.  But the heater will need less energy in Manhattan than when whizzing at 70 MPH on the highway as the convection of heat from the car will be “less forced” at a low speed versus a fast speed.  Also the temperature in Manhattan is several degrees warmer than out in the countryside of Connecticut.  The detour to Manhattan may have actually assisted in improving the range.

Elon you faked that you have a good business plan for the US DOE loan.  The US DOE did not consider the down payments future customers have made to subtract from your company’s working capital balance.  The DOE might be dumb but even a rooky accountant knows deposits against future sales are a current liability.  The Department of Entropy let you get away with fake accounting.

Mr. Musk you are the faker and you are the one who set up the DOE.  You simply need to grow up be a man and join the bloody army.  Don’t call all your detractors fakers, just take a bloody good look in the mirror.


  1. Is there some reason the NYTs doesn't allow you to share your thermodynamic wisdom in the comments section? Don't they allow this at all? Pity.

  2. I hope the NYT will really push back on this with Mr. Musk. It looks like many in the press are now trying to dtermine who is on the right side of the argument. Someday the Green Machine will get his day in the Thermodynamic Court which is the highest court in the Universe. I think is such court Mr. Musk would get a Life Sentence and Pay Pal cannot be used to post Bond