Friday, May 1, 2015

Bloom Transports Solid Waste Across State Lines

The Green Machine has uncovered that solid waste from Apple’s facility in Maiden North Carolina is transported by Bloom Energy to a Bloom Energy facility in Texas.  The Bloom Energy Facility in Texas has an EPA ID # as a Hazardous Waste Generation Facility.

More work to find out what is actually in the sealed desulfurization bed canisters that Bloom handles in stealth but this will soon be determined.   Apple claims to lease the Bloom Coffins in Maiden and they are not the owner of the devices.  But this still means that Apple is the generator of solid waste that is transported across state lines.  Apple claims Bloom is considered the waste generator.  Bloom claims they are green.  I just exclaim this is all gangrene!!!

For reference:   The US EPA Hazardous Waste ID number for BECC in Texas is TXR000082015.  BECC must stand for Bloom Energy Criminal Conspiracy 

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