Saturday, May 30, 2015

Vinod Khosla The Mentor - John Doerr The Service Provider

I came across this link from December 2012 where Vinod Khosla said in an interview  “I don’t consider myself a VC, I consider myself a mentor.”

If you ever listen to Vinod Khosla speak he has a very thick Indian accent.  Listen to this short youtube.

Every time Vinod Khosla says The it sounds like De.  Maybe back in 2012 he said I consider myself as dementor.

Just two days ago the soul sucking dementor wasp was discovered in the greater Mekong Delta.

Folks we long ago discovered soul and taxpayer money sucking VCs on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park in the greenspace by simply reading  The dementor wasp turns a cockroach into a zombie.  Dr. Chu and his team at the Department of Entropy did not need the VC’s venom to become zombified, they were instructed by the White House to hand out money left, right, and center to any VC who hosted Mr. Obama to dinner  

John Doerr does not have a thick Indian accent.  He does not pronounce The as De.  But he certainly uses his hands to talk and frowns constantly.  He does not mentor he “provides services”.  I bet you the main service he provides is his political connection to Mr. Obama, Governor Markell, and others.


  1. Brings back memories. I was just thinking the national debt is now $60,000 per capita and rising. Here is one of the reasons.

    Great work.

    James Rust, Professor

  2. Actually two of the reasons. Doerr and Khosla used to be partners now they have separate firms