Friday, May 22, 2015

Science Does Not Matter At AC Transit Or In America

I received an email from Ms. Denise Standridge the chief legal counsel at AC Transit threatening me with a lawsuit over my blog that I am crying.  She demanded an apology.  I told Ms. Standridge that she is the one that should apologize for the crimes against humanity and nature going on in West Oakland with the AC Transit Bloomdoggle.  After all she wrote to her Board of Directors endorsing and approving the project to fleece us all.  I have Report No. 14-208 (September 10, 2014) from AC Transit that attests to Ms. Standridge’s complicity in the Bloomdoggle of using Bloom electrons to electrolyze water.

I also told her, that I had tried to get her and her board of directors to solve the problem but I now realize they are the problem.  I simply have to report that she is an operative of the Military Industrial Congressional Presidential Complex.  I pretty much told her that AC Transit is now the target of my investigation for the generation of solid waste with sulfur and the wasting of $87.6 million of taxpayer and ratepayer money on fuel cell bus BLOOMDOGGLE.  I again told her that the second law of thermodynamics precludes Al Gore’s machine from operating with an efficiency above 100%.

I keep thinking how AC Transit can believe that the Bloom Coffins that Al Gore invented are capable of 107.1% efficiency for the Month of March 2015???  I then start thinking that maybe Al Gore actually believes he invented a perpetual motion machine with more energy coming out than going in.  After all Al did invent the internet and then sold it to his cousin Al Jazeera.

I then start thinking of how Bloom Energy just announced Equinix as a customer.   Yes one megawatt of the dirty, expensive, and unreliable coffins will be placed at the Equinix SC 5 data center in Santa Clara.  They will use biogas. 

They (Bloom and or Equinix) will extract almost 50% of their cost from the SGIP PG&E ratepayers paid.  Another 30% of the cost will be a gift as an Investment Tax Credit (ITC) from the IRS.  In the end 80% of the cost of the thermodynamic fake out is covered by we the people.

Then I looked up Equinix as I remembered that John Scully, the operative from Quick Silver Resources the now bankrupt shale energy company who bought my assemblyman Mr. Levine for $100,000 has a large ownership position in Equinix.

Now we have Scully and his boys at Equinix sucking all this money from ratepayers and taxpayers and pretending they have green energy from the Bloom Coffins.  I will have to report Equinix as a generator of solid waste as soon as the coffins start up in Santa Clara.  Note the SC5 data center has 18,000 kw of backup diesel.  Yes dirty diesel backs up 18 times as much as the Bloom Coffins.  Maybe Scully’s other failing shale energy companies of Petroquest and Resolute Energy supply the diesel to Equinix?

Of course I asked Assemblyman Levine to comment and once again he is AWOL as he has been for over two years.  Mr. Levine and Ms. Standridge should go on dancing with stars as they certainly now how to keep in perfect step with their sponsors.  Al Gore should go on The Voice.  Not the Voice of America but the Voice of AlJazeera.

I can only shake my head in full belief how Scully, Gore, Doerr, and Powell get away with this fleecing of America.   One used to shake one’s head with disbelief but now we know how corrupt the whole greenspace is, disbelief is now full belief.  Disbelief in bad science is considered a crime.  Full belief in greenwashing is the norm.  AC Transit, UC Berkeley, The US DOE, CARB, and the CPUC all have 107.1% full belief in the lies Bloom Energy puts out there.

Happy Memorial Day. I do remember an America thirty years ago that actually cared for science rather than simply making the Operatives of the Complex even more wealthy. 


  1. Congratulations Lindsay on another great reporting of defrauding the taxpayers of America by the Great Green Machine. Keep up your work. There is so few people trying to save our nation from bankruptcy due to this mindless waste of tax dollars on energy programs that don't work.

    We need more circulation of this material to all voters who should insist on the proper response by politicians.

    James H. Rust, Professor of nuclear engineering

  2. Prof Rust

    The politicians have been bought and the Voters are simply blind zombies who believe tag lines and that Al Gore is green. There are a few who question the taglines and know Al Gore is gangrene. It is pretty lonely to understand thermo and question all the lies but we have to do it.