Saturday, May 16, 2015

Energy Gone Wild and Crazy

It has been a crazy couple of weeks in energy.  A fire in a refinery in Southern California has caused a gasoline shortage and a massive price spike in the once golden state.  Governor Moonbeam did not relax the specifications on gasoline and hence gasoline refined in Texas and other nearby states cannot be used in Caliphate of Caliphornia.  Gasoline is being shipped from Europe and Asia to try to satisfy California demand.  One word for Moonbeam – Crazy!

In Nevada the home of Harry Reid but never Right they have a crazy idea funded by the US Government (Defense, Energy, Agriculture) to make jet fuel from garbage.  More nonsense of bio fools but this one they claim will be different from the myriad other failures the Feds have backed over the past several years.

Gevo the company I called Heave Ho announced Alaska Air will buy their jet fuel made from sugar. Their stock that had tanked for months and needed a fifteen to one reverse split, then soared for a day or two until Gevo announced they would now sell many more shares and dilute the existing shareholders.  Maybe Gevo will sell Alaska Airlines dilute bio jet fuel?  The shares tanked again after announcement of the dilution.

Talking of failures in bio fuels, I now have strong reason to believe that the US DOE knew in April/May 2011 that Kior could not produce their claimed amount of diesel and gasoline from wood.  In February 2011 the DOE and KIOR executed a term sheet for a billion dollar loan.  In April 2011 KIOR issued their S1 for their IPO.  In May 2011 Kior withdrew their request for the loan.  It was not like Vinod Khosla did not want the cheap and free flowing Obama money.  It was more like the DOE smelled a rat about the technology.  This week I filed a freedom of information act request with the US DOE for documents that relate to the KIOR debacle.  Remember Condi Rice joined the board of KIOR in June 2011 and she insider traded shares to make just over $80,000 on the now bankrupt company.  The state of Mississippi continues to sue Khosla and his cronies for fraud but did not include Ms. Rice as a named defendant in the case of missing weapons of mass combustion. 
I had written a little about KIOR the DOE and smelling rats back in August 2013.

Now I am becoming more convinced that Dr. Stephen Chu, Mr. Jonathan Silver, and Dr. Paul Bryan of the DOE had wind of the lack of potential success of Mr. Khosla thermodynamic fraud in Columbus Mississippi and pulled the plug on the billion dollar loan.  They did let Kior claim that Kior wanted out of the loan voluntarily and then Ms. Rice happily joined the board of the thermodynamic fake out a few weeks later.

I liked the wild and crazy guys on Saturday Night Live.  I am not sure I can even laugh at the incompetence of Moonbeam as I pay an extra 80 cents a gallon for gasoline.


  1. Great work. It is hard not to have a stroke reading about the waste of our tax dollars as the country sinks into debt impossible to pay off.

    James H. Rust, Professor

  2. Prof Rust. Watergate was a bungled burglary by amateurs. The GREENGATE is grand larceny by professionals. You need to ask your Congressman and Senators to investigate what the DOE knew about KIOR between February 2011 and May 2011. I bet you they knew the yield of Diesel and gasoline in gallons per ton of bone dry yellow pine was not as high as Khosla and his cronies claimed. Condi Rice made a profit by insider trading on this now bankrupt company while the poor in old Miss got taken for a ride. Unless we all demand accountability the Grand Larceny will simply continue. You all in Georgia were taken by Khosla et al in the Range Fuels story where Range got deranged. The way to avoid a stroke to get the thermodynamic clown Khosla who struck out 9 times in green energy to appear before a congressional hearing on Greengate. That he hosted Mr. Obama to dinner to fund raise makes the hearing even more important. I bet you Jonathan Hi Ho Silver knows a thing or two. Solyndra was a fiasco, KIOR is a thermodynamic crime.