Wednesday, April 15, 2015

More on Apple in Maiden NC Diesel Diesel Everywhere

In searching for the Air Permit for the 50 Bloom Coffins at the Apple North Carolina data center, I stumbled on the one and only air permit issued for the site.  There is no air permit for the Bloom coffins, just an air permit for 44 massive diesel backup generators with a capacity of 108,800 kilowatts.  These diesel backup generators could power 60,000 to 80,000 homes.

I have asked Lisa Jackson, VP of Environmental Affairs to respond.   It is interesting that Apple claims they run the data center entirely with renewable power with 40,000 kw of PV and 10,000 of Bloom Coffins for a total of 50,000 kw of intermittent generation.  Yes the Bloom Coffins have an approximate 10% downtime and the PV have 80% downtime.  The site needs 108,800 kw of standby diesel generation.  Something does not add up.  Let's call Siri, she will have the answer.  Siri is located in the data center in Maiden North Carolina and we know diesel helps keep Siri alive.

Perhaps Siri can tell us all how green the Apple is???

 Here is my email to Lisa Jackson:

Dear Ms. Jackson

I found out from the North Carolina DENR that there was no air permit for the 50 Bloom Cells.  There is however an air permit for 44 diesel standby power generators that have a total capacity of 108,800 kilowatts.  Can you please opine on why Apple is so reliant on diesel for backup power?  Can you also opine on why there is no air permit for the Bloom Fuel Cells?

Will it be possible to talk to you face to face or by phone?  I am working on this article on the actual greenness of Apple's Maiden North Carolina data center


Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine

Apple Maiden NC Diesel Backup
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