Saturday, April 18, 2015

Scientific Truth Is Scarce

The mission of Greenexplored dot com is to give lay people the access to scientific truth in the green space.  There has been so much hype, lies, fraud, and pure nonsense sold by hucksters, governments, and academics in the green space that scientific truth is very scarce.  This is a sad indictment of the academics who are at the pig trough of government funding,  governments that are at the pig troughs of the hucksters, and the hucksters who are at the pig troughs of ratepayer and taxpayer funds.  We the people fund the nonsense, the thermodynamic lies, and the world continues to pay the price of the whole scam.

I have reported on the latest scam in California for grid energy storage.  I have reported on the BLOOMDOGGLE.  I have reported on the KIOR fraud.  I have reported on the Ivanpah  and Kemper power generation debacles.   I have reported on the missing sulfur waste in fuel cells that use natural gas as fuel.  This blog will cover the need for scientific truth in setting energy policy.  We will deal with a mythical state called Deal Away where corruption in rampant and people are ill informed.  Sadly Deal Away is not mythical it is real and is Delaware.

Once upon a time Deal Away was home to the nation’s leading Chemical companies.  Its state university had the highest ranking Chemical Engineering department in the country.  It was a leader in science.  It all changed when the state became a one party state and the ruling party turned to perpetuating its rule by selling itself to the Complex and simply avoiding science. 

In the 1970s Deal Away led the country in protecting the coastal zone.  In 2012 Deal Away led the country in permitting a BLOOMDOGGLE in the coastal zone.  That leading state university became the landlord of the Bloomdogglers and abandoned the laws of thermodynamics simply to perpetuate the myth of affordable, clean, and reliable energy from Fool Cells, when the university knew full well that the devices generate dirty, unreliable and highly unaffordable electricity.  Deal Away also hosted a failed plug in car company.

Who was the mastermind behind the failed plug in car company and the Bloomdoggle.  It was none other than a failed presidential candidate who suddenly thought he was a  haricot vert and the green giant.  This failed presidential candidate had claimed to invent the internet and now he was sprouting convenient untruth about industries that were “green” and transformative.  But the science behind the green technology was actually false and fraudulent.    The state university went along for the ride.  The Governor who is thermodynamically impaired went along for the ride.  The director of economic development went along for the ride.  The state DOJ went along for the ride.  The Public Service Commission was told to go along with the ride. And the Oxford University trained head of the state EPA lied to make the ride possible.  There simply was no scientific truth in any of the bodies that have authority in Deal Away.

Sadly the rest of the USA is beginning to resemble Deal Away.  The Caliphate of Caliphornia is in similar shape.  The once venerable University of Caliphornia in Bezerkeley helped orchestrate massive scientific fraud in the arena of bio fuels and low carbon transportation fuels.  The Caliphornia Public Utilities Commission is owned by the utilities, the Bloomdogglers, and the green hypers.  This commission cannot even report the results of their billion dollar bloomdoggle in self generation of electricity.

The only way we will ever get the rule of law is to start getting the rule of the laws of thermodynamics and letting science dictate energy policy.  Sadly I have to say there is a dearth of science in any of the departments (federal, state or local) that help set energy and environmental policy.  We are probably far worse off than any time since the middle-ages in concocting false science to suit the ruling class.  The populace is probably as ignorant of science as folks living under the rule of Pope Paul V.    

If only billions of people read and stopped watching the Kardasians we may get cars that dash at 50 miles per gallons instead of fakes like Fisker.  Sadly people prefer Kim and green hype to science.  My comfort is that thermodynamics has prevailed since the big bang and will continue to prevail until the end of the universe.   I just won’t be around to see the end of the universe unless of course the deal with Iran goes through.  Iran may pretend they want green electrons from uranium, my science tells me otherwise.


  1. Great post as usual. The country needs to wake up and throw out the politicians who are wasting taxpayers dollars and elect politicians who seek scientific information from honest members of the scientific community.

    James H. Rust, Professor of nuclear engineering

  2. Yeah prof Rust this country needs to honest up big time. Putting Al Gore in his place at the bottom of the thermodynamic pile would be a first steo. Throwing out my Congressman who has his nose up Gore's behind would be a second step. Dr. Moniz needs to take some truth serum

  3. Thanks a lot for your work. I'm not American, but as a Spanish I can relate to your struggles. We plunged into solar and wind head first and are now suffering the consequences.

    As mentioned in other comments I'm focusing on Tesla Motors as it's by far the largest of these green scams. This one in particular will collapse either with the next quarterly results, or when one frigging journalist reports on their non-existent battery swap (through which they've earned hundreds of millions in fraudulent ZEV credits).